IFLA Europe Award 2020 to IUCN European Regional Office!

IFLA Europe Award 2020 to IUCN European Regional Office!

We are proud to announce that 2020 IFLA Europe Award to IUCN European Regional Office represented by Mr Luc Bas, IUCN European Regional Office Director!

It is our aim, following the Statutes and Regulations approved in the General Assembly held in Oslo in October 2014, to recognise the work of exceptional people and organisations that believe that our way of perceiving and understanding the world – derived from our profession – could contribute to its development.

We value the efforts made by IUCN and its European Regional Office in adopting and implementation of effective laws and policies for conserving biodiversity and nature, promotion of effective and equitable governance of natural resources and preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe and globally.

We share common objectives and believe that together we can deliver nature-based solutions to tackle adverse climate change impacts. The EU Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Agenda are the areas of common interest where we could join forces and work more closely in providing holistic, integrated and sustainable solutions. We believe that landscape architects should play an important role in this process and provide IUCN European Regional Office with their expertise on multiple issues that are important for fighting climate changes. It is essential to take necessary efforts and fight climate change and environmental losses and create strategies and actions which will tackle climate challenges.

The issues of climate change, biodiversity loss, water and energy management, health and community are challenging humanity and addressing these issues is an intrinsic part of the work of landscape architects. We believe that IFLA Europe together with IUCN European Regional Office and other important stakeholders can bring skills that include design, construction and research and add to the body of knowledge required to ensure our efforts to recover our planet are successful.

On this occasion, Ms Chantal van Ham, EU Programme Manager Nature Based Solution, addressed IFLA Europe members at our 2020 General Assembly through a pre-recorded message on behalf of IUCN European Regional Office.

For more information about IUCN and their activities please visit https://www.iucn.org/

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