IFLA Europe Exhibition 2022 ‘Reconsidering Nature’ officially presented at 2022 IFLA Europe General Assembly in Helsinki, Finland!

IFLA Europe Exhibition 2022 ‘Reconsidering Nature’ officially presented at 2022 IFLA Europe General Assembly in Helsinki, Finland!

The launch of the exhibition took place October 14th 2022 at the Alvar AAlto University in Helsinki during IFLA Europe General Assembly 14-16 October 2022. 53 projects from 20 countries depict unique map of landscape architect intervention in terms of the nature re-consideration.

The aim of the exhibition is to show the contemporary role of landscape architecture in creating space.

Nature is again becoming a necessary, full-fledged part of landscapes transformed by man. Recently, during weather anomalies, protracted pandemic restrictions and still more obvious loss of (bio)diversity, we have become thoroughly convinced of the role of nature in the immediate and more distant surroundings. Its key impact on the broadly understood environmental balance, the microclimate of the places where we live, and the human psyche has become much more evident.

The exhibition presents projects conceived and created in close connection with nature. It shows the large and small objects of landscape architecture using the forces of nature as well as those exposing its rights, role and importance.

It presents an overview of implementations from all over Europe. Landscape architecture objects are displayed that are realized in harmony with nature, using nature-based solutions. These projects show works of landscape architecture where enhancing natural processes is as important as their aesthetic expression
and their usefulness.

The projects were selected by IFLA Europe members - National Associations of landscape architecture. The set of best practices is to be used by National Associations as the pretext to meetings, discussions and to make the actual approach to the design relevant.

The 2022 IFLA Europe Exhibition “Reconsidering Nature” is available here IFLA Europe Exhibition 2022 “Reconsidering Nature”

The exhibition has taken a shape of digital drive. It consists of the 20 boards, catalogue and presentations. We call all IFLA Europe members - National Associations of Landscape Architecture to organise the Exhibition in the most suitable way and places.

The Exhibition was prepared by IFLA Europe Exhibition Project 2022 Working Group:
Urszula Forczek-Brataniec (SAK, Poland) - chair, curator
Almut Jirku (bdla Germany)
Anna Levonmaa (MARK Finland)
Eva Jenikova (CAKA Czech Republic)

Katrzyna Jamiol, Tomasz Jarog, Natalia Nowak, Cracow University of Technology

Katarzyna Jamioł, Tomasz Jaróag, Natalia Nowak
@Politechnika Krakowska

Graphic frame:
Marta Gotfryd, Natalia Kubiela, Filip Bruchnalski
@Akademia Sztuk Pięknych Kraków

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