IFLA Europe Exhibition project published in Polish magazine Architektura murator

IFLA Europe Exhibition project published in Polish magazine Architektura murator

In 2018, the European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architects IFLA Europe initiated the exhibition project “Landscape Architecture as a Common Ground”. All member associations of the old continent were invited to participate. Each country was asked to select the three most beautiful landscape projects from the last five years and to select one of them to be presented at the upcoming exhibition. 34 National Associations across Europe responded. Ultimately, it was decided to show 61 projects from 24 countries at the exhibition.

Poland is represented in this group by two projects from Warsaw: the award-winning boulevards on the Vistula River (designed by RS Architecture of Landscape - Dorota Rudawa, Patryk Zaręba, Agnieszka Gasparska, Anna Wiechetek-Moczulska, Marta Grzybowska-Dryja and Artchitecture - Mark Kubaczka, Jowita Kubaczka, Adam) Dąbrowski) and the surroundings of the Służew Culture Center (designed by Toposcape - Justyna Dziedziako, Ewa Potapow, Anna Figiel, Urszula Michalska) and one from Krakow: the so-called superpath, between the Mogilskie and Grzegórzecki roundabouts (designed by Pracownia Projektowa Land-Arch).

In the modern world, one of the main tasks of landscape architecture is to restore continuity. This applies to the rediscovery of green connections, the reconstruction of water structures, as well as pedestrian and bicycle corridors. The exhibition shows all kinds of interventions aimed at overcoming barriers and restoring coherence on many levels. These solutions take a beautiful architectural and landscape form, and their beauty grows from functional and ecological wisdom - we read in the description.

The Krakow edition of the “Landscape Architecture as a Common Ground” exhibition was presented at the Tauron Arena Krakow until October 9, 2020. On the last day athe exhibition was guided by its curator and former IFLA Europe Secretary General of IFLA Europe, architect Urszula Forczek-Brataniec. More information about the exhibition and the accompanying catalog on the IFLA Europe website https://iflaeurope.eu/index.php/site/exhibition-projects

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Landscape architect Landskapsfabrikken Project managers: Hugo Fagermo and Hedvig Pedersen, Norwegian Roads Department Landscape architects: Inge Dahlman, Aaste Gulden Sakya, Andreas Nypan Counsellors/advisers: RIB: Dr. Kristsoffer Apeland, att. Snorre Lars
Designed by Inge Dahlman Landscape architect Landskapsfabrikken, photo Roger Ellingsen/Statens

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