IFLA Europe Exhibition ‘Reconsidering Nature’ - project from ABAJP/BVTL Belgium ‘Gare Maritime’

IFLA Europe Exhibition ‘Reconsidering Nature’ - project from ABAJP/BVTL Belgium ‘Gare Maritime’

After the great success of our first Exhibition ‘Landscape as a Common Ground’, IFLA Europe has organised the second edition entitled ‘Reconsidering Nature’.

The aim of the exhibition is to show the contemporary role of landscape architects in creating space. Its conventionally perceived task - to create and preserve beauty in the surrounding of human habitations - has expanded considerably. Environmental challenges, climate change and the living conditions of the inhabitants of larger and larger cities oblige us to take nature beyond the emphasis on aesthetic perspectives. In design, planning and management of landscapes, landscape architects face a contemporary challenge: thinking of nature as a subject, understanding its principles and respecting its needs

IFLA Europe exhibition will present projects conceived and created in close connection with the nature. It will include large and small-scale implemented landscape architecture projects showing the forces of nature as well as exposing nature’s rights, role and importance.IFLA Europe exhibition will present an overview of realised landscape architecture projects from all over Europe which are realised in harmony with the nature and using nature-based solutions. Implemented projects will show work of landscape architects working either individually or in multidisciplinary teams. Realised projects will promote environmental as well as aesthetic value

This week we would like to present a project from ABAJP/BVTL BELGIUM entitled “Gare Maritime”.

At the Tour & Taxis site in Brussels, the former Gare Maritime freight station will be transformed into a lively new district with squares, courtyards, a food hall and ten new built-in volumes. The Gare Maritime head-end, built between 1902 and 1907, was at the time the main railway junction of the port of Brussels. The impressive building with a surface area of almost 40,000m² creates space for various urban activities such as shops, offices, exhibition spaces, markets and festivities.

Under the supervision of Neutelings Riedijk Architects, responsible for the architecture of the new buildings. OMGEVING was responsible for the design of the covered outdoor space and the site monitoring in cooperation with Bureau Bouwtechniek. The eye-catcher of the Gare Maritime is the central open hall, constructed in reused cobblestones, where various temporary activities can take place. The central hall is flanked by ten inner gardens, each with a thematical interpretation.

The project won the international prize ARC20, a Dutch architecture competition.

Authors of the project are: Omgeving. Landscape Architect Neutelings Riedijk Architect.

Project is available on IFLA Europe website https://iflaeurope.eu/index.php/site/exhibition-projects
Catalogues of all IFLA Europe Exhibition Projects are available on our website https://iflaeurope.eu/index.php/site/exhibition-projects

With support of our Sponsors: Hunter FX Europe Vestre

Photo credits:
- Main photo Filip Dujardin
- Photo 1,2,3 OMGEVING Yanick Milpas

Image: Yanick Milpas

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