IFLA Europe General Assembly Saturday, 17 October 2020

IFLA Europe General Assembly Saturday, 17 October 2020

We are facing the effects that climate change and catastrophic warming of the Earth have on our environment. How can landscape architects respond? What solutions do we have? And must we improve the knowledge of landscape architects?

Macro Footprints in Landscape

It is important to look at the large scale projects. Macro Footprint in Landscape that we are dealing with: large interventions in landscape and nature, such as development and expansion of cities and increasing the number of urban dwellers, diversified energy generation, new energy sources, changed climates and blue-green infrastructure solutions. How are we dealing with these big projects and what solutions do we have as landscape architects to solve these projects? Which professional groups do we need to work with in order to achieve better results? What needs to be changed in order to better handle the big projects of the future?

Micro Footprints in Landscape

We are also dealing with projects on a smaller scale and making changes to the infrastructure of the urban areas. How do we get more people to walk, ride bikes or use eco-friendly transportation to reduce car traffic and pollution? How do we improve public health and make people feel better? What design and implementation solutions do we have? How can we achieve better results and convince our clients to invest in a quality and beautiful environment that is open to the sky? How do we reduce car traffic and increase walking and cycling? What solutions do we have in the small footprint and the small steps to take towards more sustainable communities?

Programme of the General Assembly will soon be published.

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