IFLA Europe JULY 2022 Newsletter

IFLA Europe JULY 2022 Newsletter

News from IFLA EUROPE:

- Save the date: 21 September 2022 - IFLA Europe Agricultural Landscapes Working Group organises online Webinar: Symbiotic relationship between the urban and the rural’
- ‘Rural Landscape photo competition
deadline expires on 30 August!
- 2022 IFLA Europe Student and Young Professionals’ competition ‘Boldness and Beauty’ send your projects by 30 August 2022!
- Annual conference NetworkNature: Upscaling Nature-based solutions in policy and practice 27 September 2022
- Hunter Industries
releases 10th annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report
- 2022 ELASA annual meeting ‘Transforming Landscapes’ 14-22 August 2022 in Rapperswil, Switzerland!
- Vestre officially opened The Plus — the world’s most environmentally friendly furniture factory

News from our Members:
- Welcome to the new Delegate from SAK Poland: Michal Zarzecki
- Newsletter from SAK Poland
- SAK Poland: Conference WAK 2022 ECOSYSTEM BASED DESIGN - ecosystem as a basis for urban landscape design Gdańsk, 29-30 September 2022
- Newsletter from AEP Spain
- Newsletter from BSLA/FSAP Switzerland
- ILI Ireland: Irish Landscape Award 2022
- Landscape Institute: West Hendon Playing Fields Design Contest launched

News from IFLA World and Regions:
- IFLA World Elections

- Newsletter from IFLA Africa

News from our Partners:
- ECLAS Conference ‘Scales of Change 12-14 September 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia + online
- World Urban Parks Europe Congress 2022 - Greater Greener Cities 15-16 September 2022, Nuremberg Germany

Other News:
- In historic move, UN declares healthy environment a human right

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