IFLA Europe MAY Newsletter is out!

IFLA Europe MAY Newsletter is out!

News from IFLA EUROPE:

- New European Bauhaus Festival Conference ‘Places - Reconnecting with Nature - Landscape Architects at the forefront of sustainable & creative urban transformation” - Saturday, 11 June 2022 14.00-19.30
- IFLA Europe webinar ‘Healthy Landscape’ 23 June 2022 16.00 - 17.30 CET - Save the Date!
- IFLA Europe launched 2022 Student and Young Professionals competition “Boldness & Beauty”
- Rural Landscapes Photo Competition - deadline 30 June 2022
- Landscapes of Ukraine Online symposium on Friday, June 17, 2022 10 00 - 15 00 pm EEST

News from our Members:

- Landscape Institute: Submissions now open for 2022 LI Awards!
- Landscape Institute Masterclass: Climate Change – Planting for a different world 12th July 2022, 9am – 4pm
- Landscape Institute: Built environment bodies unite to improve equity, diversity, and inclusion in the sector
- Netherlands Society for Garden and Landscape Architecture (NVTL) celebrated its 100th anniversary on May 16, 2022
- Latest news from BSLA/FSAP Switzerland

News from IFLA World and Regions:

- IFLA World Working Group on Climate Change series of webinars ‘Building Resilience - from commitment to climate action’ 16 June - 28 July 2022
- African Landscape Network platform calls on projects to support African Landscape Convention!
- Read the latest IFLA Africa Newsletter

News from our Partners:

- Lala.ruhr – the first biennal of urban landscape opens call for contribution
- bdla events to promote German landscape architecture
- EEA Report: Urban sprawl continues at the cost of nature in Europe

IFLA Europe Newsletter MAY 2022 Edition

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