IFLA Europe Newsletter October 2020

IFLA Europe Newsletter October 2020

October edition of IFLA Europe Newsletter

Summary :

News from IFLA Europe and its members:

- Secretary General Urszula Forczek-Brataniec is ending her 2nd term!

- IFLA EUROPE 2020 Student and Young Professionals competition winners selected!

- IFLA Europe Award 2020 to IUCN European Regional Office!

- IFLA Europe patronage to IX international edition of the conference entitled ‘Urban ecology and cultural heritage in the city’ which will take place on 22-23 October 2020 Krakow!

- News from our member ČAKA/CZALA Czech Republic - Workshop on vision and mission of ČAKA/CZALA members in Slavonice! IFLA EU exhibition at the Prague Landscape Festival!

- News from our member FILA Iceland – Landscape architecture course at Agricultural University of Iceland!

- News from our member ELAU Estonia: Nominees for the 2020 Annual Awards of the Estonian Landscape Architects Union!

News from IFLA and Regions

- IFLA World Council Declaration!

- IFLA Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award 2020 online ceremony on 8 October 2020!

News from our Partners:

- ELASA logo competition first-round winners!

- ECLAS Seminar: Landscape, Democracy and the European Union starts again on 7 October!

- ECLAS/LeNotre Institute Landscape Forum 2021 in Gdansk, Poland “Transforming Cityscape with Art” 20-24 April 2021 - Student Competition!

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