IFLA Europe November Newsletter is out!

IFLA Europe November Newsletter is out!

News from IFLA EUROPE:

- 2021 IFLA Europe General Assembly - summary
- New Executive Council for 2021-2023
- Meet new IFLA Europe President Katerina Gkoltsiou
- Meet new IFLA Europe Vice President for Professional Practice Didier Vancutsem
- IFLA Europe Resolution 2021
- IFLA Europe Award 2021
- IFLA Definition of Landscape Architect - German version now available on IFLA Europe website!
- IFLA Europe Professional Recognition Assistance Report available on IFLA Europe website!
- Welcome to new BAK Germany Delegate Gwendolyn Kusters!

News from our Members:

- AsoP Romania Conference 8-9 December 2021
- AIAPP Italy conference and national assembly 9-11 December 2021, Rome, Italy
- APAP Portugal Newsletter
- BSLA/FSAP Switzerland Newsletter 11
- PHALA Greece Newsletter
- DKAS Slovenia – Proceeding from Conference ‘Cold Cities for a Hot Planet - Planning a Climate Change Resilient City’
- DL Denmark - New Agenda 3 – Danish Landscape Architecture 2014–2020 Denmark – ‘a landscape architectural superpower’
- ILI Ireland – Obituary for Robert Carson, OBE

News from IFLA World and IFLA Regions
- IFLA Call for Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award
- IFLA Africa Newsletter - Farewell from past president Carey Duncan

News from our Partners
- ECLAS Conference 2022 “Scales of change” 12-14 September 2022 Ljubljana, Slovenia + online
- Journal of Landscape Architecture (JoLA) Call for Editors!
- UNISCAPE – Manifesto reframing the relationship between people and place
- Architects’ Council of Europe Conference on ‘Climate Change & Built Heritage’ 28 October 2021!
- European Green Cities Award 8 December 2021!

Other News:

- NetworkNature Call for Studies!
- European Green Deal: Commission adopts new proposals to stop deforestation, innovate sustainable waste management and make soils healthy for people, nature and climate
- Two We Value Nature Dialogues: Making valuing nature the new normal in business - Assessing the state of play and what more needs to be done!

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