IFLA Europe OCTOBER 2023 Newsletter is out!

IFLA Europe OCTOBER 2023 Newsletter is out!

IFLA Europe OCTOBER 2023 Newsletter Summary:

News from IFLA EUROPE:
- IFLA Europe General Assembly Naples 13-15 October 2023 overview
- IFLA Europe celebrates International Landscape Day of Council of Europe
- IFLA Europe publishes Position Paper ‘Role of Landscape Architects in Protecting the Biodiversity
- IFLA Europe Award 2023 GIAHS UN FAO
- 2022 IFLA Europe Yearbook ‘Bold and Beautiful Landscapes’
- 2023 IFLA Europe Resolution ‘Lost Landscapes’ adopted
- Online event ‘Talk with..’ Clelia Puzzo, UN FAO GIAHS ‘GIAHS in Europe: 20 Years Later. Focus on Europe’
- Publish your event on IFLA Europe website – calendar on IFLA Europe website https://iflaeurope.eu/index.php/site/events

News from our Members:
- Irish Landscape Institute Conference: NbS | leadership in nature restoration and climate resilience 24 November 2023
- CAKA Czech Republic: Czech National Association of Landscape Architects organises conference on International Landscape Day
- SAK Poland: Polish National Association of Landscape Architecture SAK annual conference on Modern Landscape Architecture, 10 November 2023
- NLA Norway celebrates International Landscape Day - Publication of catalogue of Circular Economy projects
- AEP Spain Newsletter
- BSLA/FSAP Switzerland Newsletter

News from IFLA World and IFLA Regions:
- IFLA World webinar: “Landscape 2050 and beyond: from 75 to 100 years IFLA” on 17 November 2023, 14hrs CET
- Call for Nominations for the 2024 IFLA Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe Award - apply by 15 January 2024
- IFLA World Bulletin
- IFLA Africa Newsletter OCTOBER
- IFLA Asia Pacific Region Newsletter OCTOBER

News from our Partners:
- 2024 ECLAS Conference ‘Regenerative Landscapes. Designing the Transition’ - Call for Abstracts
- 2023 Barcelona Biennale programme ‘The Poetics of Remediation’

Other News:
- European University Association (EUA) webinar on ‘The European Green Deal and universities: A roadmap for the sector’ 4 December 2023, 14-15.30 CET.

Full OCTOBER 2023 IFLA Europe Newsletter is available on our website IFLA Europe Newsletter OCTOBER 2023

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