IFLA EUROPE Official Partner of the New European Bauhaus Initiative!

IFLA EUROPE Official Partner of the New European Bauhaus Initiative!

We are proud to inform you that IFLA EUROPE has been selected as new official partner of the New European Bauhauas Initiative!

SAVE THE DATE 21 May 2021 for IFLA EUROPE New European Bauhaus event - more information will follow shortly!

The New European Bauhaus initiative connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces. It calls on all Europeans to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls.IFLA EUROPE and Landscape Architects with their holistic approach and vision will participate in this initiative and bring necessary knowledge, expertise and experience which will make the necessary difference! We applied to be official member to ensure that landscape architecture as profession is part of this important initiative. We need to rethink our concept of living and Landscape Architecture profession will have an important role to play in designing a more sustainable, accessible and inclusive way of living and working in Europe.

The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary movement in the making.

  • It’s a platform for experimentation and connection, fostering collaboration across thinkers and doers who want to design our future ways of living together.
  • It’s a bridge between the world of science and technology and the world of art and culture.
  • It’s an invitation to change perspective and to look at our green and digital challenges as opportunities to transform our lives for the better.
  • It’s a fresh approach to finding innovative solutions to complex societal problems together through co-creation. The initiative aims to shape our thinking, behaviours, and markets around new ways of living and building, including by influencing public procurement.

The New European Bauhaus will:

  • Bring citizens, experts, businesses, and Institutions together and facilitate conversations about making tomorrow’s living spaces more affordable and accessible.
  • Mobilise designers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, scientists, students, and creative minds across disciplines to re-imagine sustainable living in Europe and beyond.
  • Strive to improve the quality of our living experience. It will highlight the value of simplicity, functionality, and circularity of materials without compromising the need for comfort and attractiveness in our daily lives.
  • Provide financial support to innovative ideas and products through ad-hoc calls for proposals and through coordinated programs included in the Multi-Annual Financial Framework.

The New European Bauhaus unfolds in three phases: Co-design, Delivery and Dissemination.

The phases partly operate in parallel, as individuals and communities interested in the first ideas are most likely to become partners to deliver and scale up the initiative. The New European Bauhaus engages early through open conversations, to shape the concept in a large co-creation process. In parallel, the initiative needs to develop a framework of deliveries, to align with the ongoing planning of the Multi-annual Financial Framework.

Co-design phase - From October 2020 to Summer 2021
In this phase we start shaping the movement by gathering and connecting what we all consider concrete contemporary examples that showcase principles of the New European Bauhaus. The most inspiring contributions will help all interested people to organise, trigger and participate to debates. An engagement toolkit is available to inspire the conversations and structure the collection of emerging ideas and insights.

A high-level round table with distinguished thinkers and practitioners, established through a series of semi-structured interviews, will serve as a sounding board for ideas and as community ambassadors. Drawing on the examples collected and on the conversations they generated, it will become clear how the New European Bauhaus initiative can boost, scale-up, and support the generation of beautiful, sustainable and inclusive places.

The outcome of the co-design phase will be a support framework based on EU programs, including a call for proposals for pilots in different EU Member States where the new Bauhaus concept will come to life.

Special prizes will be awarded in Summer 2021 to excellent contemporary examples that are in their own way already combining sustainability, quality of experience and inclusion, selected among the examples collected and reviewed/integrated by the enlarged community.

Delivery - From September 2021 onward
This phase will start with the setup and implementation of New European Bauhaus pilots, supported by specific calls for proposals.They will be closely followed and monitored in a ‘community of practice’ mode, to share the lessons learned from these first experiments.The focus of the dissemination phase will then be on diffusing good ideas, across Europe and beyond. This will be about networking and knowledge sharing, to identify open, replicable methods, solutions and prototypes, and make them available to cities, localities, architects and designers. It will be key to engage with citizens, businesses, academia, and to reinforce urban institutional capacities.

Flanking initiatives and additional policy instruments beyond the call for proposal will bring further structure to the movement and spread it through digital networks and engagement platforms.

Dissemination - From January 2023 onward
In the third phase, the focus will be on amplifying the ideas and actions that emerged and reaching a broader audience in Europe and beyond. It will be a lot about networking and systematically sharing knowledge between participants and practitioners - identifying the best methods, solutions, and prototypes, and making them available for cities, localities, architects, and designers. Keeping the conversations open and connecting participants with existing networks will be essential.

Finally, the New European Bauhaus will support the emergence of lead markets for beautiful, sustainable, inclusive ways of living.

The “Partners of the New European Bauhaus” are organisations and other entities that act as inspiring promoters of the debates and ideas that will be developed through the movement with a significant outreach capacity at their level and act as trusted motivators.

Partners’ core activities are relevant to one or more dimensions of the New European Bauhaus, are in line with the core values of the European Union of human rights, - freedom, democracy, equality and rule of law- , and support the European Union priorities.

They help the New European Bauhaus to:

  • support the needed transformation of our societies towards living together in more sustainable, inclusive and enjoyable urban and rural environments;
  • recognise that people should co-create their living spaces and debate behaviours and life styles;
  • acknowledge that engaging in co-creation processes, respecting the diversity of perspectives and expertise, is necessary to generate inclusive ideas and affordable quality solutions.

The Partners are listed on a dedicated page on the New European Bauhaus website New European Bauhaus Initiative Partners together with their declaration of interest and commitment to the initiative. Wherever relevant, links will point the audience to New European Bauhaus related activities on the Partners’ websites. In the same way, their relevant activities will be listed on the New European Bauhaus website and on other media used for the New European Bauhaus communication.

Partners will be a key member of the New European Bauhaus community. The Commission will carry out a series of exchanges with the Partners and will facilitate interactions among them in various forms, also with a view to discuss and test developments of the initiative.

For more information about the New European Bauhaus, please visit New European Bauhaus Initiative

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