IFLA Europe official partner of Urban Thinkers Campus 20-21 May 2022, Mannheim, Germany

IFLA Europe official partner of Urban Thinkers Campus 20-21 May 2022, Mannheim, Germany

IFLA Europe is proud to announce the support to the Urban Thinkers Campus 2022 which will be taking place 20-21 May 2022 in hybrid format with online and physical presence in Mannheim, Germany.

The City of Mannheim and Engagement Global with its Service Agency Communities in One World invite you to the Urban Thinkers Campus from May 19 to 21. This year, the discussion panels will revolve around gender equality and partnerships to implement the Mannheim Sustainable Development Goals. The Urban Labs will take place both live and virtually on Friday and Saturday. You can find the specific information below. The opening and recap of this year’s Urban Thinkers Campus will again be available as a livestream.

The event is free of charge. The UTC team looks forward to your participation.

Urban Lab 1- Lab and learning workshop for administration: Gender-appropriate communication with citizens / administration

Whether in city plans, applications, online forms, or guidance documents, language is a meta-level tool for talking about gender and equal opportunity. If gender is not present in language, the likelihood that different genders will also be fairly considered or feel left out of urban design and management decreases.

- This workshop is specifically designed to teach local governments how to start communicating in a gender-responsive way.

Urban Lab 2- Implementation of gender equality policy approaches in supervisory board work

With their decisions, supervisory board members are jointly responsible for the direction their companies take and how they advance their personnel and organizational development. Many members of supervisory boards come to seats on supervisory boards through their membership in local councils or trade unions. Supervisory board members who take on supervisory board positions through their professional careers in a narrowly technical sense have only been able to give limited thought in advance to their opportunities to pursue equality policy objectives in their offices. As a result, forward-looking supervisory board members often lack not the will, but rather the
knowledge and concrete ideas to advance strategies and measures for gender equality in their companies. In this lab, following a roundtable discussion with some active supervisory board members about their experiences on this important and at the same time sensitive topic of equality, we will present a concrete project for implementing equality policy goals in supervisory board work. The project was developed as part of the implementation of the EU Charter for Equality between Women and Men at the municipal level in Mannheim.

Based on the “GleichZiehen” project, the possibility of creating a (digital?) platform for active supervisory board members where they can (anonymously?) talk to each other and exchange ideas is discussed in order to bring the topic of equality more into focus in supervisory board work.

Full programme is available https://utc-mannheim.de/en/#programm

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