IFLA Europe signs Memorandum of Understanding with EUCALAND!

IFLA Europe signs Memorandum of Understanding with EUCALAND!

European Region of International Federation of Landscape Architects - IFLA Europe signs the Memorandum of Understanding with EUCALAND - the Institute for Research on European Agricultural Landscapes to jointly work on the topic of Agricultural landscapes by implementing joint activities for their acknowledgment, promotion, protection, planning, design and management.

The two organisations signed the Memorandum with the objective to establish a strong alliance of professional institutions in protecting landscapes, reinforcing landscape architecture, management and design of landscapes to better serve professional needs of their respective members, associated partners and thereby society in general.

EUCALAND is a non-profit association under German law and registered Overath/Germany. It is an expert network that deals with the cultural and especially agricultural landscapes of Europe for promoting their consideration and use among the people and for preserving their cultural heritage. EUCALAND’s main objectives are:

- To make the European agricultural landscapes (EAL), with visible and invisible characters, with tangible and intangible values, legible and accessible to the people, which will be able to better consider and use them, and above all to respect and preserve their identity and heritage.
- To collect, analyse and disseminate the methodological approach to the description, history, classification, assessment, planning & policy of European Agricultural Landscapes.
- To provide toolkits for the description, history, classification, assessment, planning & policy of EAL.
- To provide contacts for common projects.
- Networking with people and organisations in Europe.
- To
disseminate the project findings (methods & toolkits) to different groups.

IFLA Europe and EUCALAND have recognised the opportunity to work together and strengthen their cooperation by:

Sharing the knowledge and know-how between IFLA Europe and EUCALAND, among their respective members and to third parties (schools, universities, organizations,

Seeking collaborations with third parties on related issues;

Promoting joint events (webinars, seminars, symposia etc.);

Joining European and global activities on actions taken for the acknowledgement, promotion, protection, planning, designing and managing agricultural landscapes (via creation of letters of support, joining groups, joining conferences etc.);

Supporting and exchanging specific knowledge within projects (questionnaires, interviews, online-surveys etc.);

For more information about EUCALAND please visit their website https://eucaland.net/

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