In Memoriam Fumiaki Takano, 1943-2021

In Memoriam Fumiaki Takano, 1943-2021

IFLA Asia Pacific Region

We are truly saddened by the news of the demise of Mr Fumiaki Takano, immediate past President of the IFLA Asia Pacific Region, the Founder and Chairman of Takano Landscaping Co., Ltd.

Our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy as we send our thought of comfort to the grieving family and those he was able to inspire.

We will remember him for his enthusiastic spirit in advocating landscape architecture and in upholding our responsibility in sustaining a better environment for the future generations.

He was also instrumental for promoting internship and bringing in new members from other countries and territories in the Pacific Islands to join IFLA APR.

May he rest in peace as we continue to support his legacies for the organisation.

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