InnoLAND – kick-off session on the collaborative drafting of a Common Training Framework (CTF) for LandscapeArchitecture

InnoLAND – kick-off session on the collaborative drafting of a Common Training Framework (CTF) for LandscapeArchitecture

InnoLAND – kick-off session on the collaborative drafting of a Common Training Framework (CTF) for LandscapeArchitecture – took place on Friday 15 January 2021.

The collaborative process of establishing the CTF is important for the further development of the landscape architecture profession and will serve as a framework for recognition of programmes of higher education; both for professional recognition and as a basis for accreditation and peer-review committees of landscape architecture programmes. Common training framework is expected to harmonise landscape architecture study standards across the European continent, facilitate mobility of professionals in favour of all European countries.

InnoLAND partners have launched a participatory process with representatives of National Associations and Schools that are running landscape architecture programmes, under the umbrella of IFLA Europe.InnoLAND kick off meeting, in which 62 persons from 24 countries took part, is the beginning of a deep reflection on the main challenges and policies regarding the competences for landscape architecture (that encompasses planning, design, project implementation, and management) that need to be considered in the present context.

The knowledge on the current landscape challenges at a national level justifies the inclusion of the representatives of all European Union countries in order to build a common vision of what the Landscape Architecture profession is and what it should address in the future.

IFLA Europe Vice President for Education Margarida Cancela d’Abreu, under whose umbrella InnoLAND project is, spoke about the need for a high level of harmonisation of core levels of expertise and skills. She emphasised the aims and objectives of European Landscape Convention a) to promote training for specialists. professionals and experts in the broad field of landscape architecture b) to establish and support schools and university courses, which address the values attaching to landscapes. She informed participants that IFLA Europe together with ECLAS will work on revision of recognition process and documents. Ms Cancela d’Abreu also informed participants that new IFLA Europe representatives in InnoLand project will be Attila Toth, IFLA Europe Delegate from Slovakia and Assistant Professor (PhD) at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

The Vice President of Professional Practice Katerina Gkoltsiou underlined the importance of the Common Training Framework for the regulation of the profession at EU level and presented the conclusionsfrom the last meeting with the Directorate General for Growth/ Internal Market,Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. She has also presented the results regarding Professional Mobility from the Professional Recognition Assistance Survey (PRA survey) of IFLA EUROPE.

Next meeting will take place on 26 February 2021 (10 am CET) about the impact of Sustainability Development Goals and European Policies on the profession and the education for landscape architecture. If you want to be informed on this process or take part, send an e-mail to

Recordings of the kick-off of the collaborative process on the Common Training Framework (CTF) for Landscape Architecture in the framework of the InnoLAND project on
Friday 15th of January 2021 is available on:

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