International Landscape Study Days_Abandonment. The landscape and the fullness of the void_18-24-25 February 2022

International Landscape Study Days_Abandonment. The landscape and the fullness of the void_18-24-25 February 2022

The Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche promotes and organizes on Friday 18, Thursday-Friday 24-25 February 2022, online on Zoom platform, with simultaneous
translation in Italian and English, the 18th edition of the International Landscape Study Days, coordinated by Luigi Latini (chairman of Scientific Committee) and Simonetta Zanon (landscape project). This year the theme explored will be Abandonment. The landscape and the fullness of the void. An extra event will be held online on Zoom on Friday 11 March 2022.

The theme of abandonment of working and living places – from rural to mountain communities, minimal living spaces to large industrial complexes – has long been at the centre of the debate on the future of our planet and has given rise to a flourish of projects which, even as regards the landscape, has generated new methods and attitudes. Current forms of abandonment need further study and the landscape and garden culture can approach this with a mindset and the means that consider this condition a value in itself and an opportunity for growth, seeing actions not as corrective measures but as an invaluable exercise in coexistence. Abandoned places are
therefore not purely a memory of the past or spaces waiting to be replaced by something new: the question is now how this state of limbo or lack of consideration can give rise to a “culture of abandonment”, which landscape research, together with the involvement of many others, can adopt and “cultivate”
in a constructive and shared manner.

Over the three days, there will be discussion and debate on the contributions that explore, on the first day, such diverse topics as the abandonment of the mountains and forests or the farmed countryside, as seen from a geographical, anthropological, landscape, agronomic or forest viewpoint. The evolution of the contemporary urban landscape and the fate of “leisure” spaces, with large-scale facilities the victims of abandonment, will be the focus of the second and third sessions of the conference.

Registration is required using the link on the Foundation’s social media channels and website

Programme is attached in the document.

Photo credits: Luigi Latini
Photo credits: Luigi Latini

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