Irish Landscape Institute Awards 2022

Irish Landscape Institute Awards 2022

Since its founding, the ILI has been committed to pioneering new approaches to environmental planning, and to raising the standards of landscape design in Ireland.

The bi-annual ILI landscape Awards have come round again after a very turbulent and strange 2 years since the pandemic struck our island. The Awards give recognition to exemplary landscape projects by members across a range of categories. The awards ceremony will be held at the end of October 2022

Founded in 1992, the ILI is the Professional Body representing Qualified Landscape Architects, Landscape Managers and Landscape Planners in Ireland. It is the National Representative Body for Ireland in the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) and a body for the general advancement of Landscape Architecture and management and for the maintenance of the interest, status and uniformity of practice of the profession.

This year the emphasis will be on the entries response to:

Climate change, sustainability, biodiversity, resilience, recycling/reuse and ‘green issues’, contribution/importance to health and wellbeing and community and society as well as historic/traditional factors/and considerations.

Quality of design [overall as well as in detail]; appropriateness and quality of the materials selected; craftsmanship and workmanship; economic issues as well as/including value for money.
We are also looking / encouraging entries of projects in ‘other areas ’not mentioned in our list of categories.

Industrial, commercial, ecumenical, medical & social, educational, recreational etc. We welcome entries that don’t fall within the present category list of entries. The aim is to sweep up project work undertaken by members that deserve recognition and shows the breadth of the profession. Entrants will be requested to provide information for each entry [as appropriate] that reflects these two areas of assessment in the entry form which is then passed on to the marking sheet provided for the panel of judges. We want to ensure that each entry provides as full a picture of their project so that the judges have this information available for marking.


A - Built Projects (on the Island of Ireland)

Public Park - both urban and rural settings apply
Public / Civic Spaces - squares, piazzas (may be split into separate categories based on size depending on the number of entries see rules)
Linear Landscapes - including streets capes, pedestrian precincts, road/rail/river corridors, arterial routes etc
Residential Development public/private housing developments
Gardens all sizes, residential only
Institutional Landscape schools, hospitals, colleges etc
Heritage Landscape conservation, preservation, and restoration projects
Playspace of any size that demonstrates excellence in design.


Planting Design - excellence in the use of planting, may be of any scale.

B - Landscape Technical and Theory
Landscape Theory, Policy & Management, concepts, reports, imagery 2
Landscape Planning
Research Projects and Publications 2
Policies and Initiatives which support Climate Resilience i.e. Contribute to Climate Change Education, Mitigation and/or Adaptation.

Climate Change Education (CCE): Education that aims to address and develop effective responses to climate change. It helps learners understand the causes and consequences of climate change, prepares them to live with the impacts of climate change and empowers learners to take appropriate actions to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.
Climate Change Mitigation: Making the impacts of climate change less severe by preventing or reducing the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere.
Climate Change Adaptation: The process of adjusting to the current and future effects of climate change

Submissions entered for the ILI Awards
2022 must be the work of a Fellow, Corporate, Graduate, Affiliate or Student member of the ILI (Irish Landscape Institute) and/or the LINI (Landscape Institute of Northern Ireland.)
Entrants must be fully paid-up members of the ILI or LINI for 2022.
Where an Entry has been executed by an organisation or company not a member of the ILI or LINI, an entry will be accepted on the basis that the work has been carried out principally by a Member of the ILI/LINI within that organisation and the Entry must be endorsed by that Member. Applications for the Student Award shall be from final year student’s portfolio and/or final year project Members of the assessment panel or their work colleagues and the Awards Registrar are ineligible for entry into the Awards. Work which has already received an ILI Award may not be re-entered in the same category. i.e. can be entered in another category.
The Awards Chair’s decision is final on the eligibility of entries.
Queries on eligibility should be addressed to the ILI Awards Registrar by Friday 12th August 2020 by 12 noon latest.

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