LAAA Latvia marks 20 October - International Landscape Day

LAAA Latvia marks 20 October - International Landscape Day

October 20, 2022, on the International Day of Landscapes, the Ministry of Environment and Regional Development (VARAM) in an online seminar, announced the decisions of the Latvian national selection evaluation committee of the eighth session of the Council of Europe (EP) Landscape Award - about the winner of the selection and nominating Latvia’s representative for the European competition - The project “Dienvidkurzemes piekrastes mantojums cauri gadsimtiem. Ālandes upes atpūtas komplekss”.

The Council of Europe Landscape Awards is aimed at identifying successfully implemented projects or initiatives in the field of landscapes, which would serve as an example for improving the quality of landscapes in all member states of European Landscape Convention. In Latvia, the national selection of the Landscape Award took place for the sixth time, and this time 11 projects participated in it.

At the opening the seminar, the representatives of the ministry emphasized that all the applied projects are united by the sincere desire of their authors not only to preserve natural and cultural values, but to make them much more conveniently accessible and more versatile for everyone, which is very important in strengthening the well-being of residents.

The commission also awarded recognition in the following nominations:

- For purposeful long-term work in local governments in highlighting the natural and cultural values ​​of the traditional rural landscape - for the project “Daugava loki/Slutiški sādža: Creation of the Old Believers’ cultural heritage center, creative workshops, improving access and highlighting the landscape of the upper reaches of the Daugava” (submitted by the municipality of the Upper Daugava region);

- For purposeful landscape planning, involving residents - for the project “Landscape concept of the Daugava reservoir of Aizkraukles region” (submitted by Aizkraukles region municipality);

- For the successful provision of the spatial connection of natural and cultural values, improving the attraction of visitors in all seasons - for the project “Ensemble of the Carnikava Regional Research Center and the Gauja River” (submitted by the municipality of Ādažu region);

- On the promotion of the place in planning documents and projects - for the project “Outdoor recreation complex “Zvejnieklīcis” (submitted by the municipality of Jēkabpils region);

- For high architectural quality, restoring significant historical evidence - for the project “Restoration of the Mellužu stage building No. 002 and reconstruction of the bar No. 001, improvement of the territory” (submitted by Jurmala City Administration);

- For a successful solution for highlighting the idea of ​​statehood - for the project “Reconstruction and beautification of J. Čakste Square” (submitted by Liepāja City Municipality);

- For the development of complex of a previously unorganized territory - for the project “Krasta ielas lejas promenade in Ogre” (submitted by the municipality of Ogre region);

- For the active involvement of the community in the preservation and development of cultural and natural values ​​- for the project “Initiative - interaction of cultural history, nature and society in the landscape of Pope Hill” (submitted by the association “Pope Muiža”);

- For a successful solution to reducing the anthropogenic load in a sensitive habitat - for the project “Walking route along the Baltic Sea coast in Latvia and Estonia” (submitted by Saulkrasti municipality);

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