LAND AWARD - Nature and Artifice - Call for Applications!

LAND AWARD - Nature and Artifice - Call for Applications!

IFLA EUROPE is proud to announce its patronage to the LAND AWARD - Nature and Artifice, the International Landscape award that will recognize the excellence of built projects representing a significant contribution to the dialogue between nature and artifice.

Ancient Monastery in Valmarina-Italy – “Parco dei Colli” headquarter
Ancient Monastery in Valmarina-Italy – “Parco dei Colli” headquarter

The Award is organized by Archiforum, a non-profit association that has been promoting cultural events about architecture and landscape for more than twenty years. The initiative is made in collaboration with Arketipos Association, organizer of Landscape Festival, one of the most prominent events about landscape and garden internationally, held in Bergamo since 2011.

The event is non-profit and has the patronage of numerous institutions, like the Italian Ministry of Culture, AIAPP, Politecnico di Milano, University of Florence and the University of Bergamo.

The Award Ceremony of the first edition will take place during Landscape Festival in Bergamo in September 2022. Bergamo is playing a key role on the topics of culture and landscape in Italy: since 2017 the Venetian Walls have been part of the UNESCO Heritage. In 2021 the project “Biodiversity in the city: Bergamo and the Astino Valley” won the first prize of the 7th session of the Landscape Award (2020-2021) of the Council of Europe. Moreover, the city will be Italian Capital of Culture 2023 together with the city of Brescia.

Land Award – Nature and Artifice, will be part of this rich cultural scenario, with the goal to increase a widespread awareness in the transformation of places of living,
encouraging a balanced relationship between nature and human intervention.

The Award will recognize international projects that represent virtuous examples of the transformation of the territory at multiple scales of design. The project categories awarded will include interventions on the urban, rural and mountain landscape, on infrastructures, on the art-landscape relationship, on cooperation and social inclusion projects, on design applied to landscape, on light design for public spaces, on the relationship between the production of energy and landscape, on the theme of waterfronts and private landscape projects in domestic and productive settings. These are in fact some of the categories to which the award is addressed.

In this context, public space or space for collective use naturally constitutes the connective tissue and the privileged place of public art, to which citizens are increasingly paying attention in the desire to regain the spaces of encounter. The dialogue between nature and culture permeates every discipline of contemporary thought and,applied to the project of the city and the territory, expands to rethink and regenerate the collective spaces that structure them.

Urban landscape
Art and landscape
Rural landscape
Mountain landscape
Green product
Cooperation and social inclusion
Light design of public spaces

Energy and landscape

Attention will focus on projects that have managed to add “beauty” to the territory in which they have entered, considered in continuity with its history. Beauty and transformation of the territory can not only coexist, but, in a varied and not always easily readable reality, they are obliged to do so. Leaving traces of beauty that future generations will be able to enjoy, just as today it is possible to enjoy those that the past transmitted to us, is a duty for the designer. The proposals selected will be the ones showing how the project can be “welcomed” by the territory and not just “suffered”.

Important deadlines:
20 February 2022 Deadline for free early-bird submission
30 March 2022 Deadline for free early-bird extended
30 April 2022 Submission deadline
15 May 2022 Selection of “Shortlisted projects” End of Jury summoning
30 June 2022 End of Jury evaluation
September 2022 Award ceremony

The call is open until 30 April for the submission of proposals by the designers and for the notification of projects of interest by anyone who wants to participate as an “advisor”. The work of the jury, composed of a scientific committee of prominent personalities and academics in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, architectural criticism and photography, will end on 30 June 2022 and then announce the winning projects for the various categories in September 2022, during the Landscape Festival which has been held for eleven years in the city of Bergamo.

The Prize has the Patronage of Ministero della Cultura, Regione Lombardia, Provincia di Bergamo, Comune di Bergamo, Associazione Italiana Architettura del Paesaggio, Parco dei Colli di Bergamo, School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Università di Bergamo and IFLA Europe.

Further details are available on the award web page: WWW.LANDAWARD.IT

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