Landscape Architecture Europe Call for entries LAE Book #7 - deadline 17 April 2023

Landscape Architecture Europe Call for entries LAE Book #7 - deadline 17 April 2023

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE EUROPE (LAE) calls on you as professionals from all over the continent to send in your most relevant and exemplary projects for publication in the seventh yearbook on European practice of landscape architecture.

How sharp are your eyes? How deep are your thoughts? How high do you fly? Where do you land? A health crisis came to an end, a military conflict started, climate change goes on, we live in a critical epoch. It needs hope, reflection, and a lot of creativity to imagine how to best shape European landscapes in times of turmoil. Are there new design approaches to face the facts, new actor constellations to co-create, new grounds for landscape architectural experimentation, new forms of expressing what is moving us? In the sixth edition of Landscape Architecture Europe, we understood it needs a second glance to distinguish the cleverness of design practice in Europe, and that it is often not the fanciest form that presents the smartest solution – but what is the power of form, after all?

We are calling for traditional landscape architectural projects as well as for the results of an expanding professional practice. We are looking for designed and constructed sites of all sizes, from regional scheme to residential garden, and at any place, from city centre to remote country. We are also interested in receiving strategic projects and research results (i.e. studies and spatial scenarios on climate adaptation, energy transition, agricultural transition, urban renewal, heritage development and infrastructure planning) in which the landscape architectural approach is predominant. We are looking for projects that redefine the playing field and scope of the creative practice, where society, politics, aesthetics, ecology and economy meet, at micro or macro scale, whether long term or ephemeral. LAE wants to explore how landscape architects in Europe are working and designing to sustain our beautiful planet and all life on it.

Please send in your best plans and projects (closing date 17 April)

Please take care of the following conditions:

• Submitted plans must have been designed, projects realised and studies completed in the period between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2022.

• The plans, projects or studies must have been commissioned by a public, non-governmental or corporate body and be of landscape architectural interest; they need to have been designed by one or more professionals from Europe, practising within any discipline.

• You may enter a maximum of three projects.

• To submit an entry please complete a project data form. Each entry should be submitted on a separate data form.

• In addition to completing the project data form, please send a separate email for each project, attaching a pdf file with information about the project: a maximum of six A4 pages of text (in English), drawings, images and photographs (maximum 12 MB total).

• The entry fee is € 67,50 for the first entry and €47,50 for each subsequent entry. Follow the instructions on the data form and choose your form of payment (Paypal, creditcard or invoice).

• Each participant is entitled to one LAE book free of charge (excluding postage). An invoice for the postage will be sent when the book is ready for distribution.

• Entrants of the projects selected for the LAE book will be asked to provide illustrations in printable high-quality formats, as well as recent, royalty-free photographs.

Closing date 17 April 2023

The selection procedure will be completed in September 2023, after which entrants will be informed. The book will be published in the autumn of 2024.

As always, an independent jury of practising landscape architects from different European countries will select the projects that will be published in the LAE book. The book will be edited by the editorial team of LAE in collaboration with Blauwdruk publishers and a team of professional European design critics.

Landscape Architecture Europe (LAE) is a foundation that seeks to enhance the dialogue in landscape architecture on a European level by publishing a triennial yearbook. Produced for the LAE Foundation and the European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architecture (IFLA Europe), the books aspire to be the definitive critical review of the state of the art of European landscape architecture.

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