ECLAS Seminar: Landscape, Democracy and the European Union

ECLAS Seminar: Landscape, Democracy and the European Union

ERASMUS+ Jean-Monnet-Module funded by the European Commission 2018 - 2021

Seminar on Landscape and the European Union, which ECLAS launched in April 2019 starts again on October 7 and students can apply until the seminar starts.

The overall goal of this seminar is to discuss the many dimensions through which EU policy is influencing our landscapes. We want to raise awareness for potentials and opportunities (such as funding instruments) but also discuss obvious conflicts (for example in the field of agriculture).

This module has received some funding from the EU’s Jean-Monnet-Programme. Jean Monnet Activities are designed to promote teaching and research in the field of European Union studies worldwide. Landscape-related topics are extremely rare in this programme and it is great that we could position landscape for the first time there.

Participants are invited to follow the online lectures. They can do this either synchronously by attending online on Wednesdays between 14 00 and 15 30 CET or by watching the seminar recordings. If they want to do the seminar for credits, they need to reflect the seminar topics against a landscape of their personal choice. In international teams, they willcompare the impact of EU policies on our landscapes.

We will further discuss opportunities for enhancing these landscapes by means of EU instruments. The student teams would present their findings online and write a report. We allocated 3 ECTS per semester course.

The seminar is quite relevant as we observe so much divergence in society with regard to the European Union. During our ECLAS strategy days it also became obvious that we are facing a generation gap regarding knowledge and awareness, also because the European level is getting more and more complex.

Download course outline with assignments.

ECLAS seminar is free of charge. Please register here.

Our schedule for the winter term:

Phase A - From Europe to the European Union (repeated from summer term)
A.1 7/10/2020 Landscape, Democracy and the European Union
A.2 14/10/2020 Uncovering the European Union
A.3 21/10/2020 The political environment of the European Union
A.4 28/10/2020 European Union Policy in the Context of Landscape and Democracy

Phase D - Environmental and Nature Protection in the European Union
D.1 4/11/2020 Environmental Impact Assessment
D.2 11/11/2020 Natura 2000 - International Perspectives
D.3 18/11/2020 Natura 2000 - International Perspectives

Phase E - Landscape and Water
E.1 25/11/2020 The Water Framework Directive
E.2 02/12/2020 The Floods Directive
E.3 09/12/2020 Interim Presentation

Phase F - Landscape and Climate Change
F.1 16/12/2019 European Landscapes in the Light of Climate Change

Phase G - Landscape, Democracy and the European Union: Conceptual Connections
G.1 13/1/2021 Landscape, Democracy and the European Union: The conceptual connections
G.2 20/1/2021 Presentation of working groups

If you have any questions please contact the seminar coordinator Dr Ellen Fetzer.

Course coordination: Dr. Ellen Fetzer and Prof. Dr. Michael Roth
Associated faculty: Prof. Dr. Mirijam Gaertner, Prof. Dr. Markus Frank, Prof. Dr. Christian
Küpfer, Prof. Dr. Markus Reinke (HSWT) and various guest lecturers from

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