Latvian Landscape Architecture Award 2022

Latvian Landscape Architecture Award 2022

10 June LAAA Latvian Association of Landscape Architecture invites you to participate in a professional experience trip to landscape architecture objects organised as part of the “Latvian Landscape Architecture Award 2022”.

Planned route: Riga - Jurmala - Kemeri - Marupe - Riga

Registration for the Experience Drive is available here:

Participation fee: 30 EUR (excluding VAT)

More about “Latvian Landscape Architecture
Awards 2022” events 8. , 9. a 10. in June: (EN)

- Experience and challenges of outdoor space management, technical solutions of watering systems Strelnieku street, 5, Riga, HOFT project

- The pearl of Jurmala - Experience of the restoration process of the Kemeri Resort Park

- Gardens of Sports Palace Krišjanis Barona street, 75, Riga

Registration for the experience trip is available here:

More about upcoming within events of “Latvian

Landscape Architecture Award 2022” on June 8th, 9th and 10th:

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