Launch of IFLA OLA INITIATIVE 7 August 2021!

Launch of IFLA OLA INITIATIVE 7 August 2021!

In scientific and professional thinking and debates on Landscape Architecture, the issue of agricultural landscape is gaining prominence, not only because of the integration of food production systems, but also because of its impact on human activity, on land, the environment and civil society. We Landscape Architects, through our holistic vision, are specially trained to contribute to sovereignty, food security and territorial justice through comprehensive large-scale landscape planning, and multifunctional landscape design. In this way, Productive Landscapes can be designed to achieve different functions such as supporting biodiversity and ecosystem services, improving people’s well-being as well as providing solutions for sustainable development at the local, national and global levels.

The IFLA Oasis Landscapes and Agriculture (OLA) Initiative, emerged from the global working group on this topic, appointed two years ago in Oslo.

The OLA Action Plan emerged from the search for scalable inter-regional projects, becoming later a global enterprise. OLA’s primary objective is to increase the interaction between landscape architecture and food production activities in environments with extreme drought. The latter, in order to establish a platform in which landscape architects engaging in hands-on projects can learn and be inspired by the multi functional features of agricultural oasis landscapes. Inspiration based on their adaptive resource management practices as developed by local communities since immemorial time as a permanent source of innovation.

The launch of the IFLA – OLA Initiative will take place on Saturday, August 7th through the first OLA webinar, when key issues will be posed as a commencement for actions and debates to come.

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