LIFE 2023 Calls for proposals: €611 million available to bring green ideas to life

LIFE 2023 Calls for proposals: €611 million available to bring green ideas to life

The European Commission has launched the LIFE Programme’s 2023 Calls for project proposals.

Which Calls opened today?

  • Standard Action Projects (SAPs): nature and biodiversity - €141 million
  • Standard Action Projects (SAPs): circular economy and quality of life - €91 million
  • Standard Action Projects (SAPs): climate change mitigation and adaptation - €66 million
  • Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs): climate and environment - €83 million
  • Operating Grants for specific non-profit making entities, that have signed a Framework Partnership Agreement - €14 million
  • Technical Assistance Replication - €6.5 million
  • Projects for addressing ad hoc Legislative and Policy priorities (PLP) - €15 million

Which Calls are coming up?

  • 2 May: Technical Assistance Preparation for SIPs and SNAPs – €950 000
  • 11 May: Clean Energy Transition Projects - €99 million

  • How can I apply?

Go to the European Commission’s funding & tender opportunities portal, where you will find information on LIFE 2023 Calls for proposals and instructions on submitting your application.

Where can I find out more?

There is more information on the kinds of projects we fund, application dates and how to apply on our LIFE 2023 Calls for proposals page.

Also, on 25 and 26 April, CINEA will hold its annual EU Info DaysEN••• to guide potential applicants through the application process. Recording of these sessions will be available for interested parties on the CINEA website shortly afterwards. A dedicated virtual information session on the specificities of the calls for Clean energy transitionEN••• will take place on 1 June 2023.

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