NEB Conference ‘Places’ - “Reconnecting with Nature - Landscape Architects at the forefront of sustainable & creative urban transformation’ - Saturday, 11 June 2022 14.00-19.30

NEB Conference ‘Places’ - “Reconnecting with Nature - Landscape Architects at the forefront of sustainable & creative urban transformation’ - Saturday, 11 June 2022 14.00-19.30

IFLA Europe New European Bauhaus hybrid Conference “Reconnecting with Nature - Landscape architects at the forefront of the sustainable and creative urban transformation” is taking place on 11 June 2022, in Brussels and online.

Cities have become the focus of sustainability issues as they are major consumers and distributors of goods and services. They have an ecological impact much beyond their geographic locations. Calls for humankind to reconnect with nature to forward sustainability and resilience cannot be ignored anymore. Therefore, we have to re-connect

with nature in our social and ecological systems, to the urban landscapes, to fight against environmental crises in our cities. There is an urgent need to transform our cities towards a more intact and resilient urban nature for a better future of our citizens. Interventions that respond to certain everyday needs of people in their public spaces can have multiple catalysing benefits for urban communities. Besides the tangible improvement of the environment, socio-ecological design, innovation practices in public spaces strengthen community cohesion, awareness of the common good, and finally the motivation towards further engagement in spatial transformation processes.

Landscape Architects together with associated disciplines can make the difference.

We understand nature and public space as a real-world laboratory where we interact with citizens and in transdisciplinary contexts. Therefore we invite neighbouring disciplines, academics, citizens and public officials to our “Places” event. The designers, artists and academics will interact with users and foster the discussion of the future of reconnecting nature and the city both through activating a university auditorium and an urban space, connecting theory and practice. During this New European Bauhaus Festival, we would like to demonstrate how landscape, nature and the disciplines working with nature are key factors for our European cities. The Faculty of Architecture Auditorium and the Place Flagey in Brussels (in front of the event) is the perfect place to demonstrate the urgent need of urban transformation.

Meet Conference speakers and participants:


14.00 Welcome - Pablo Lhoas, Dean ULB Faculty of Architecture and Katerina Gkoltsiou, IFLA Europe President
14.05 Day program and introduction, Didier Vancutsem, IFLA Europe Vice President for Professional Practice, ULB Faculty of Architecture

14.10 Keynote “Landscape Architecture as transformative discipline towards better cities” Henri Bava, Fédération Française du Paysage FFP, Agence TER, France
14.30 “Public Space and climate adaptation - the lesson of Copenhagen” - Stefan Werner, Urban Water Planner, Copenhagen
14.50 “Reconnecting with nature - IFLA Europe”, Katerina Gkoltsiou, IFLA Europe President
15.00 “The Landscape Identity Plan along the Brussels Canal: BKP of the Brussels Region”, Sven Vercammen, Perspective Brussels
15.20 “Climate, biodiversity and more: the European Green Deal and urban transformation” Dr Peter Löffler, European Commission Directorate General Climate
15.30 “Nature and Research” - Ben Stringer, ARENA (Architecture Research)

15.40 Coffee Break

16.10 Moderated round-table discussion: “New collaboration modi for Reconnecting nature with (landscape) architecture” - short statements (7min each) from Björn Bracke Kollektif Landscape Studio, Indra Purs LAAA Latvia Riga City Council, Ann Voets & Hicham Karkouch ABAJP/BVTL Belgium, Ursula Wieser CIVA, Eva Jenikova, CAKA Czech Republic + Dialogue with the Speakers

Moderator Dr. Haris Piplas, IFLA Europe NEB WG, BSLA Switzerland, Drees & Sommer

17.30 Opening to the public - questions and debate
18.00 Closing remarks, Katerina Gkoltsiou, IFLA Europe President
18.10 Drink - Apero and farewell
19.00 Guided tour by Björn Bracke Kollektif Landscape Studio on Place Flagey

This hybrid event will take place both in person and online. Please register in advance for this meeting: .

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