NetworkNature Factsheet - Nature-based solutions: are we restoring our relationship with nature in Europe?

NetworkNature Factsheet - Nature-based solutions: are we restoring our relationship with nature in Europe?

To achieve a sustainable future we should work with, not against nature to achieve global goals. Nature- based Solutions (NbS) are a great pathway forward

Factsheet provides an overview of some of our current societal challenges in different sectors and practical, on the ground examples of how NbS are used to tackle them. Learn about 4 successful examples showing what NbS can achieve and how they look like when applied in different contexts.

The situation
The nature we live in, whether it is farmland,
forests, cities, riversides,
mountains or coasts, supports our livelihoods and wellbeing. The degradation of nature harms people. Each year Europe loses 3% of GDP due to the loss of biodiversity.

In a world experiencing unprecedented changes in biodiversity and climate, the nature we depend on is threatened. We cannot address climate change without addressing biodiversity loss.

Striving for solutions
By restoring nature that we have damaged, in a socially inclusive manner, we can address
some of the biggest challenges we face. Nature-based solutions (NbS) play a crucial role as approaches to reduce environmental vulnerabilities, as well as to bring social and economic benefits to society. If diverse sectors, from infrastructure to architecture, fishing to forestry, identify the NbS they are already operating and where they can be scaled up, we can reverse the harm we have done to nature. In Europe, 4.4 million jobs are directly dependent on the maintenance of healthy ecosystems sites. By using nature-based solutions we can ensure these jobs are preserved.

Restoring our relationship with nature
Nature-based solutions: Working with nature to address climate, disaster, food, water, health and community problems, by benefiting both nature and people. This can entail protecting, sustainably managing and/or restoring ecosystems. Ecosystem Restoration: reversing the harm to natural spaces, regaining the services that healthy ecosystems provide us with such as clean water or storm protection. EU’s biodiversity strategy for 20303: A comprehensive, ambitious and long-term plan to protect nature and reverse the degradation of ecosystems.

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