New European Bauhaus Collective (NEBC) official partner of the EC New European Bauhaus Initiative!

New European Bauhaus Collective (NEBC) official partner of the EC New European Bauhaus Initiative!

The New European Bauhaus Collective (NEBC) is a grouping of several pan-European organisations representing architects, spatial planners, landscape architects, interior architects, engineers, designers, artists, educators and researchers of the built environment, and more broadly the cultural and creative sectors.

Members and supporters of the NEB Collective have joined forces to collectively support the development and implementation of the New European Bauhaus initiative that they enthusiastically welcome.

With this initiative, the NEB Collective considers that the European Commission complements the economic, social and environmental measures of the Renovation Wave strategy with an essential cultural dimension. This can be a game-changer in the transition to a more sustainable economy and society and will bring the Green Deal closer to
citizens for their well-being. It opens the door to a more holistic approach to our built environment, seeking to enhance, at the same time, economic, social, environmental and cultural values, as well as access to culture and cultural participation.

The NEB Collective released in November 2020 a Statement “Making the Renovation Wave a cultural project” to express initial views on the New European Bauhaus and offer its support to the Commission.

Members of the Collective are:

The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) is the representative organisation for the architectural profession at European level. Its membership consists of 43 Member Organisations, which are the regulatory and professional representative bodies in all EU Member States, UK, Switzerland and Norway. Through them, the ACE represents the interests of 562.000 architects from 31 countries in Europe.

The Architectural Research European Network Association (ARENA) is is an open, inclusive and comprehensive network for architectural researchers across Europe. Founded in 2013, ARENA at present consists of 38 research centre representatives from 35 institutions in 15 different European countries.

The European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) is the network for architectural and planning schools in Europe. The purpose of the Associations is to advance the quality of education and research in all areas of the built environment and thus to promote the quality of architecture and urban landscape in Europe. The EAAE promotes the interests of 135 member schools as institutions and academic environments, lobbies for common goals and connects globally.

Culture Action Europe (CAE) is the major European network of cultural networks, organisations, artists, activists, academics and policymakers. It is the first port of call for informed opinion and debate about arts and cultural policy in the EU. As the only intersectoral network, it brings together all practices in culture, from the performing arts to literature, the visual arts, design and cross-arts initiatives, to community centres and activist groups. CAE believes in the value and values of culture and its contribution to the development of sustainable and inclusive societies.

The European Council of Engineers Chambers (ECEC) is the umbrella organisation of European Engineers Chambers. It represents the professional interest of Chartered Engineers on European level. Its members are national Chambers or other legally established public bodies representing authorized Chartered Engineers. Currently the ECEC represents 16 Chambers and over 300.000 highly qualified European Chartered Engineers who are members in these Chambers.

The European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) is the representative body for the professional organizations in Interior Architecture and Design. Founded in 1992, ECIA currently represents 17 European Member – National Organizations and through them, the interests of over 14.000 professional Interior Architects/Designers.

The European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP) brings together 28 professional spatial planning associations and institutes from 24 European countries as well as corresponding members. It is an umbrella association providing its members with a common framework to promote the visibility, recognition of the important societal role and practice of planning and urban development in Europe.

ELIA is a globally connected European network that provides a dynamic platform for exchange and development in higher arts education. It represents 260 member institutions in 48 countries, with over 300.000 students across all art disciplines. By placing emphasis on the value of arts education and artistic research, ELIA is dedicated to enhancing the conditions in which higher arts education can flourish, both nationally and internationally.

IFLA Europe is the European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architects formed by 34 professional Landscape Architects’ Associations with 20.000 landscape architects across Europe. It aims not only to promote the landscape architecture profession, recognising excellence in educational courses and promoting the best practice operations, but also striving to enhance the quality of landscape planning, monitoring and management, provide nature-based solutions in climate change mitigation and adaptation and ensure transformational changes in landscape, urban and rural areas.

This statement was developed with inputs from, and is supported by:

The German Academy for Urban and Regional Spatial Planning (DASL) aims to support urban and regional spatial planning in theory and practice. The Academy also provides a forum in which people from a wide range of interests across the economy and society can pursue their shared interest in territorial development in discussion with planning professionals.

The Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) is Switzerland’s leading professional association for construction, technology and environment specialists. With over 16,000 members from the fields of engineering and architecture, the SIA is a highly professional and interdisciplinary network whose central aim is to promote sustainable and high-quality design of the built environment in Switzerland.

IFLA Europe
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