New European Bauhaus TOOLBOX

New European Bauhaus TOOLBOX

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) is a European Commission initiative that aims to bring together sustainability, beauty, and inclusivity in the built environment and development of cutting-edge products or services. The NEB seeks to inspire and promote new ways of living and designing. It includes various activities, such as design competitions, ex`hibitions, workshops, and networking events.

These initiatives aim to foster a dialogue and exchange between designers, architects, engineers, artists, and stakeholders from different sectors and backgrounds, and to showcase unique and sustainable innovative solutions. The NEB also promotes the use of digital tools and technologies, such as digital modelling, and virtual reality, to enhance the design process and facilitate communication and collaboration among different actors.

At its core, the NEB centres around people who create beautiful places, care for the planet, understand the meaning of collaboration, and can thrive in spaces characterised by harmony, inspiration, and synergy with various forms of life that need understanding and protection. These people also play a crucial role in deciding the objectives of the NEB projects, actively participating in their co-creation, co-initiation, co-implementation, and co-monitoring.

The New European Bauhaus serves as an inspirational framework rather than providing ready-made, universal solutions. It proposes an approach and supporting materials that foster the transformation of buildings, spaces (for example, entire neighbourhoods), and even artefacts or networks of entities committed to the same goals.
The distinctive feature of the New European Bauhaus lies in the interaction and mutual reinforcement between values (sustainability, beauty, and inclusiveness) and working principles like participatory processes, multi-level engagement, and a transdisciplinary approach. This integration harnesses creative ferment to design tailored interventions that contribute to a paradigm shift needed in the times of wars, climate emergency, and uncertainty. NEB helps to rebuild trust and meanings

NEB Toolbox

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