New VESTRE Catalogue is out!

New VESTRE Catalogue is out!

At Vestre, we believe that each and every one of us can save the world. Little by little. This is a train of thought that motivates us, and a principle that guides us. Behind everything we do, every bench we manufacture and every meeting place we create are certain unwavering principles. We want to be a positive driving force, for both people and the environment.

We truly believe that it is possible to transform a neighbourhood with a meeting place. When people come together, talk and get to know each other, we form a bond between us. A bond that becomes more important than the differences between us. In an increasingly polarised world, where more and more people are moving to the cities, the need for this bond is stronger than ever before.

At Vestre, we believe there is no future for businesses that do not take responsibility for their surroundings. We often ask ourselves: what can we as a company do to help make society better? For us, it is a question of manufacturing our products with as little environmental impact as possible. Finding solutions where they do not already exist. Be open and transparent, and show the world how we are doing it—so that we can inspire others. That is also why we built The Plus, the world’s most environmentally friendly furniture factory, which opened in 2022 and thereby established a ground-breaking new standard for the factories of the future. A factory without fences, where you can watch our manufacturing processes through 2,000 square metres of windows, or take a tour and learn more about how industry can be part of the solution.

As mentioned, we here at Vestre believe that everyone can help save the world. Little by little. We are doing this with a bench and a factory. And we are doing it together with all of you. All collaborative partners and projects that we can be part of. One sustainable and social meeting place at a time.

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