News from our Member - Landscape Institute UK

News from our Member - Landscape Institute UK

The Landscape Institute (LI) is the chartered body for the landscape profession in the UK and is the professional home for all landscape practitioners including landscape architects, landscape and parks managers, landscape planners, and urban designers. Our aim, through the work of our members, is to protect, conserve and enhance the natural and built environment for the public benefit.

Bringing the positive change, we need will be dependent on collaboration at all scales – from the project level to the global system. That is why the work of IFLA Europe and IFLA World is so important, and why the Landscape Institute’s outlook is founded upon building the partnerships required.

We see our current focus areas of policy, education and membership as great strengths, and essential for meeting the challenges presented by climate, housing, public health, and the green skills gap in countries worldwide.

There are many opportunities to contribute and get involved with the Landscape Institute and help us bring these essential pillars together for maximum impact. We work with partners on advocacy campaigns, research, and technical tools, as well as developing content to deliver educational programmes in line with the competencies and standards such challenges demand, and for publications and CPD events that help to deliver the message.

It you would like to contact the Institute to learn more on our mission and how you can collaborate with us click here.

Landscape Institute Website.

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