NLA Norway marks European Landscape Day by launching ‘Circular Economy in Landscape Architecture’ collection

NLA Norway marks European Landscape Day by launching ‘Circular Economy in Landscape Architecture’ collection

Circular economy in landscape architecture

The first collection of 13 model projects in circular landscape architecture is now available. The launch took place on Landscape Architecture Day 20 October 2023.

Transition to a circular economy must happen quickly

Transition to a circular economy must happen quickly, and natural resources and products must be used as efficiently, and for as long, as possible.

As a subject, we must draw and describe circuits where the least possible resources are lost, and lead by example. This places demands on new working methods, new ways of designing, new material choices and new innovative products. Not least, we must inspire and share knowledge with each other, within the subject and across subject groups.

It is this intention that we wish to demonstrate with the collection of 13 selected projects for “Circular Economy in Landscape Architecture”.
The idea to prepare a collection of Norwegian examples came from the landscape architects at Asplan Viak, who, with the help of internal research and development funds, have adapted the circular principles from Danske Landskabsarkitekter to Norwegian conditions. With this as a starting point, NLA took on the responsibility of leading the project of preparing a joint national collection of examples. The board set up an evaluation group for the selection of projects.

The background behind the example collection

The sample collection constitutes a selection of the material received. The selection criteria have been a high degree of circular economy, interesting and inspiring processes and collaboration, projects that have been completed and a variety of project types. Asplan Viak has been involved as a professional adviser in the implementation of the project.
The production of the example collection is supported by
Architects in Norway AiN, the Architects’ Association AFAG, Norwegian landscape gardeners, environmental and landscape contractors NAML, Grønn Byggallianse and Statsbygg.

Ragnhild Nessa, Asplan Viak present the report on circular economy. Screenshot from the streaming.

Download the sample collection, A3 display for digital use (compressed pdf, 6 MB).

Download the sample collection in A4 with individual pages for printing. (compressed file)

For the launch of the example collection on YouTube

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