Norske landskapsarkitekters forening-NLA Annual Meeting 29 April 2022!

Norske landskapsarkitekters forening-NLA Annual Meeting 29 April 2022!


NLA Conference April 29, 2022
Hotel Scandic Nidelven, Tronheim

Reuse is defined as […] things that have become superfluous, outdated or unnecessary are reused or reshaped instead of discarded. We often think of re-use of materials, which can help preserve historical traces and identities, and not least help reduce waste, new production and unnecessary transport.
For the landscape architect, reuse is not just about building materials, but also about areas, places and time horizons. At a time when the areas are under great pressure, both in nature, in the countryside and in the big cities, it is important for us landscape architects to think about reuse on several levels and in duration in what we plan. It is important that we raise our voices in the fight for areas.
The NLA conference in Trondheim will be about reuse - both in the global perspective and as to what role the landscape architect should take, all the way down to the process of reusing large trees. We get an insight into the National Heritage Board's city strategy on reuse, become more aware of how we can benefit the environment in our projects, and we are presented with the rehabilitation of Trondheim's most important meeting place, Trondheim Torg. In addition, last year's winner of the Landscape Architecture Award, the new Road Development Norm for Oslo municipality, will be attending. Welcome to a day of replenishment where our profession’s implementations of reuse is on the agenda.

NLA Trøndelag invites to a social pre-programme from 19.00 in Arkitektenes hus, Brattørgata 4

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