Norwegian Landscape Architecture Association - 2023 Landscape Architecture Prize

Norwegian Landscape Architecture Association - 2023 Landscape Architecture Prize

The landscape architecture prize 2023

The jury at work Many good projects have been entered for the Landscape Architecture Prize 2023, which will be awarded during the Landscape Architecture Day on 20 October. The jury comes from all over the country and is gathered in Oslo on 20 June for the jury meeting. The sitting jury is in its third and final year of judging. - In 2023, 29 projects have been submitted - many very good ones, says jury leader Astrid D. Skalleberg to

About the prize
The Landscape Architecture Award is an honorary award for landscape architecture that can contribute to raising, renewing and developing Norwegian landscape architecture. The award aims to highlight and promote the subject. The purpose is to give extra attention and honor to good projects, so that the prize can act as a driving force to develop the subject further. The prize can be awarded to individuals and businesses, private and/or public. The prize is awarded to the actors who have contributed significantly to the qualities that are highlighted, in other words both the client/client and the performing landscape architect. The landscape architecture award currently consists of a plaque, honors and glory. Landscape architecture Day 20 October The 2023 award ceremony will take place during the established Landscape Architecture Day on 20 October, in the Architects’ House, OAF hall in Josefines gate. Landscape Architecture Day has been added to International Landscape Day, which is on 20 October each year. The day was instituted by the Council of Europe in 2017 to celebrate the European Landscape Convention.

The jury
The jury consists of five members and a student representative, as well as two deputy members. The jury members come from different regions of the country; north, west, south and east. The jury’s term of office is three years. The 2021-2023 jury consists of Astrid D. Skalleberg, chairperson, Mari Hagen for Northern Norway, Jan Løvdal for Central Norway, Marte Maardalen for Western Norway, Tine Eilen Gunnes for Southern Norway, Maxwell Gitenstein for Eastern Norway, Bendik V. Torp, student representative, deputy member Erik Myhr Munkebye.

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