NVTL Netherlands appoints Yttje Feddes as Extraordinary Member

NVTL Netherlands appoints Yttje Feddes as Extraordinary Member

On Friday 18 November, the NVTL gained an extraordinary member: Yttje Feddes, co-founder of Feddes/Olthof Landscape Architects.

NVTL chairman Ben Kuipers explained why: “Yttje Feddes has been shaping the profession for forty years and made valuable contributions, with milestones that have significance for the profession and in education. Her attitude in doing so: not making noise but bringing about a lot.”

Yttje Feddes was “very honoured”: “Appreciation from your peers is the best thing that can happen to you.” Feddes described the keynote in her profession as a community that stands together for the big tasks: “Our profession is always about thinking through the scales. It is important to be generous among ourselves, to help and support each other. That is also the importance of a professional association.”

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