Open Call for Local Good Practices: Cultural Heritage as an Asset for the Triple Transformation of our Society

Open Call for Local Good Practices: Cultural Heritage as an Asset for the Triple Transformation of our Society

Opening date: 23 November 2023 – Closing date: 10 January 2024!
We want to share your good practices throughout Europe and beyond! If you are part of the administration of a city or region, this is your chance to highlight your work in heritage in the context of the ‘triple transformation’ – green, digital and social – of our society.

Sharing your good practice

All you need to do is fill out an online form with a description of a practice in your area. 10 practices will be selected for publication and promotion through the European Heritage Hub. Cities whose good practices are selected also get the opportunity to host a peer learning visit with a delegation of 20 participants funded by the project (3 peer learning visits will take place between Q2 2024 and Q1 2025)!

The European Heritage Hub offers this training and capacity-building programme aimed at city representatives and heritage professionals to share good practices and equip them with the skills to tackle environmental, digital, and social challenges related to heritage in their local contexts.

This will be done through:

  • collecting and showcasing 10 inspirational practices from across Europe, emphasising impacts and transferability from one local context to others; these practices will be selected through this open call.
  • Organising 2 onsite peer-learning visits in the European cities/regions and 1 onsite peer-learning visit dedicated to the Caucasian city/region (in Armenia, Azerbaijan, or Georgia) taking place in 2024-2025, allowing participants to learn from each other and from experts.
  • Organising 4 thematic ‘sharing local stories’ online workshops exploring the identified good practices.

    Peer-learning visits and online workshops are aimed at policymakers and city practitioners (at political/decision-making and technical levels from city or regional administrations), cultural heritage professionals, civil society organisations, NGOs, cultural initiatives/projects, local/regional organisations, thematic associations. Find out more.
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