PHALA Greece #Webinars! New trends in Landscape Architecture based on the EU Green Deal Challenges

PHALA Greece #Webinars! New trends in Landscape Architecture based on the EU Green Deal Challenges

In order to celebrate April, World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM), this year the Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architect organized a two day webinar entitled ‘New Trends in Landscape Architecture, based on the EU Green Deal’, which took place on the 10th and the 17th of April via zoom.

Presenters included landscape architects and experts from Greece and abroad, with substantial experience both in theory and in practice, exhibiting new trends in landscape architecture, in an attempt to live up to the challenges of the European Green Deal.

Nowadays, more than ever, Landscape Architecture is using holistic methods in planning and design, taking into consideration environmental, social and aesthetic parameters. As the EU Green Deal is aiming to retain and enhance the ‘natural capital’, ecology and biodiversity, as well as protect the health and well being of the people from hazardous environmental issues, landscape architects are called to protect cultural and natural landscapes and to seek new ways for a resilient and sustainable

As climate change affects us all, special reference was made, during the webinars, to new tools and ways to support sustainability and resilience in cities, like nature-based-solutions and other eco-friendly methods, materials and construction techniques. The use of SUDs, water sensitive urban design, use of local and recycled materials via circular economy is imperative and was highlighted during the presentations.

Furthermore, reclaiming urban ecosystems and creation of strong partnerships and bonds among all stakeholders involved in the creation of urban landscapes was mentioned.

Yet, other than the urban, but important landscapes, like the rural and the agricultural were also highlighted during the 2-day webinars.

Re-discovering the connection between man, land and nature and the need for emphasis on the genius loci and local character of landscape architecture projects was something many presenters insisted on. Landscape identity needs to be evident via a strong narrative and reconnection methods between man and land need to aid the improvement of social and economic identity of society.

Due to public’s demand and for the record of PHALA, you may find complete recordings of both days of the webinars below:



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