Re-Connect - New Inspiration Book and Product Catalogue from VESTRE!

Re-Connect - New Inspiration Book and Product Catalogue from VESTRE!

In this year’s inspiration book, Vestre encourages people to find their way back – to each other and to nature – so that we can ensure that our planet continues to be habitable for future generations. One way is to create sociable meeting places where people can come together and create a common ‘we’. Another way is to be uncompromising when it comes to the way we do business. Between the covers of this book, you will get to read more about just that. You will also find practical information about our furniture, such as the purpose, price list and carbon footprint for each individual product. This makes it easier to compare your different options

At Vestre, we want to make the world a better place by creating social meeting places – neighbourhood by neighbourhood. We make colourful, sustainable and inclusive furniture which encourages people to get together, to care and to participate in everyday democracy. If you travel around Norway, you can find furniture we created back in the 50s. It is still standing, creating social meeting places every day of the year. This year, we have been especially concerned about people finding their way back. We hope we can both find our way back to each other and create a strong ‘we’, and that we can find our way back to nature and the fight for sustainability.

This will also be the year that Vestre will open the doors—and the green roof—to the world’s most environmentally friendly and transparent furniture factory: The Plus. It was designed by BIG Bjarke Ingels Group as a completely new kind of factory where people, production, technology, architecture and nature are completely integrated with each other. In the heart of the building, which is shaped like a plus sign, there is an atrium with a single tree. It is there as a symbol of the global community—as an axis mundi. We know that the global environmental crisis is being made worse by the fact that many people have lost contact with nature. Vestre’s aim is to be recognised as the world’s most sustainable furniture manufacturer. It’s a bold aim which guides our culture and the way we do business. Every year, we at Vestre give 10% of our profit to initiatives across the world that support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. With this inspiration book, we hope to tell you more about our vision and about how we are working to achieve it.

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