Integrated urban planning for climate neutrality - Re-Value project kicks-off!

Integrated urban planning for climate neutrality - Re-Value project kicks-off!

Integrated urban planning for climate neutrality

The Re-Value partnership consists of nine European waterfront cities and selected European organisations that will seek to make the urban transition irresistible for citizens and professional stakeholders. This will be done by demonstrating how climate neutrality and urban quality can be aligned, by re-valuing the cities’ connection to their waterfronts, strengthening co-benefits and mitigating potential adverse impacts. IFLA Europe is proud to be a part of this project.

The cities will work with long-term Territorial Transformation Plans (TTP) combined with specific area-based Waterfront Pilots.

Ålesund (Norway), Bruges (Belgium), Burgas (Bulgaria), and Rimini (Italy) will demonstrate full-scale how integrated urban planning and design can be optimally deployed to achieve climate neutrality and significantly reduce GHG emissions by 2030.

In addition, Cascais (Portugal), Constanța (Romania), Izmir (Turkey), Písek (Czechia), and Rijeka (Croatia) will learn, replicate and develop their own participatory story-building, data-driven scenarios and financial and partnership models on integrated urban planning and design to accelerate their journeys to climate neutrality.

The partnership is coordinated by Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is funded by the European Union’s Research and innovation funding programme ‘Horizon Europe’. It will be running continously until December 2026.
Supported by this approach, the nine Re-Value Cities will fine-tune, share and test a Portfolio of Urban Design and Planning Methods in the project’s Community of Practice and Peer-to-Peer Programme.

Systemic Challenges

Aligned with the Cities Mission, Re-Value focuses on six systemic challenges of urban planning and design

  • Systemic changes in governance, regulatory structures, advocacy
  • Societal and spatial quality
  • Financial and circular value chains
  • Data-driven co-creation, digital twins
  • Energy and mobility
  • Nature-based solutions

The work will be supported by three Innovation Cycles, focusing on:

  1. Aligning climate neutrality and urban quality, using participatory story-building to identify co-benefits
  2. Co-creating data-driven transition scenarios, empowering cities to use better data / data better
  3. De-risking investments, through value-based financial and partnership models to enable the cities to document and capture different values in urban complexity, and to synthesise them into a holistic approach towards climate neutrality.

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