Registrations open for LE:Notre Landscape Forum 27 June - 1 July 2023, Nurtingen, Germany

Registrations open for LE:Notre Landscape Forum 27 June - 1 July 2023, Nurtingen, Germany

The forum in Nürtingen is hosted by Nürtingen-Geislingen University. The event will be part of the first festival month of IBA’27, the International Building Exhibition of Stuttgart Region. Our focus area will be a transect along the Tiefenbach Valley, part of the Landscape Park Stuttgart Region.

The Landscape Forum aims to stimulate knowledge building, collaboration and action for local sustainable development, while integrating a European dimension. In accordance with the European Landscape Convention, we understand local landscapes as our common platform for envisioning and co-creating alternative futures. Landscape as a concept includes all dimensions of our everyday spatial environment, no matter if considered as urban, rural or peri-urban.

The landscape forum is addressed to any discipline. This annual European event brings professional, education, research, policy and civil society prespectives together in a local & specific landscape context. The forum contributes a landscape perspective to the New European Bauhaus.

The 12th LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum explores Stuttgart Region and IBA’27 in Germany The Stuttgart Region Landscape Forum supports the discourses initiated by the International Building Exhibition IBA’27 StadtRegion Stuttgart. Within that framework, we will focus our observation on the river Neckar and its tributaries, exemplified by a landscape transect between the medium-sized riverine towns of Nürtingen and Plochingen. Both towns are good examples for the typical spatial features of this polycentric urban agglomeration.

Get involved, as usual, in one of the six forum working groups:
1. Integrated Landscape Development (
2. Foodscapes and agriculture in the urban region (
3. Mobility Landscapes (
4. Experiential Landscapes (
5. Landscape Democracy (
6. Landscape Economy (

If you cannot stay for so long, there is also the opportunity to register for selected events.

For more information please visite the forum website ( and register online ( .

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