Restore to Impact - Call for Ideas

Restore to Impact - Call for Ideas

International Call for Ideas for the regeneration of the Chiesi pharmaceutical group site in via Palermo, Parma

1 March to 30 April 2023

Three years after the official opening of the Parma Headquarters built near the Research Center, the Chiesi Group now intends to launch a second urban/architectural redevelopment project with the regeneration of the historical industrial site in Via Palermo in Parma.

The aim is twofold: to create an innovative business playground (Center for Open Innovation & Competence), open to its own people, external communities close to and across the worlds of research and continuous innovation, and to provide its commercial subsidiary with a workspace that is aligned with current concepts of inclusion and corporate guidelines. To turn the via Palermo site into a driver for urban regeneration and a landmark of innovation.

For these reasons, the Chiesi Group is launching Restore to Impact, an International Call for Ideas open to two categories - Professionals and Under 30s (single participations or interdisciplinary design teams) - aimed at soliciting innovative, evolutionary, transversal ideas that will be the basis for the guidelines of the future architectural building project.

On this basis, the model asks for indications of possibilities, solutions and ways of reflecting on the architectural future of the via Palermo site in relation to buildings, outdoor spaces and indoor spaces - understood as an ecosystem of natural, functional, technological and sustainable elements - capable of creating an environment that is suitable for fostering interaction between people, planning and training linked to shared skills.

Who can participate? The Call for Ideas has two categories: Professionals and Under 30s. In the first category, architects, landscape architects, designers, engineers, researchers and experts with expertise in the following disciplines can participate: healthcare, sustainability, spatial design, workplace, new technologies, Big Data, service design, landscape, humanities. In the second category: graduates can participate, as well as those undergoing training in architecture, engineering and design in the following disciplines: healthcare, sustainability, spatial design, workplace, new technologies, Big Data, service design, landscape, humanities.

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