Save the Date: Resilient cities: where water solutions and landscape architecture meet, 18 March 2023, CIVA Brussels, Belgium

Save the Date: Resilient cities: where water solutions and landscape architecture meet, 18 March 2023, CIVA Brussels, Belgium

IFLA Europe and our Belgian National Association of Landscape Architecture ABAJP-BVTL are jointly organising the Conference ‘Resilient cities: where water solutions and landscape architecture meet”, Saturday, 18 March 2023 at 10.00hrs at CIVA Brussels.

The problems of water excess and water shortage no longer haunt us: they have largely overtaken us. Solutions have been sought and proposed for several decades. Projects of all kinds, large-scale and small-scale, try to relieve the need, but it is clear that the current approach is not enough.

During this conference, Landscape Architects will take the floor, with a clear starting point: water, like other fluids, needs space and an integrated approach, on a scale and with a vision that transcends administrative, mental, political and other boundaries. Landscape architects, although they do not pretend to be the only ones who deal with and master this matter, make an important contribution to the debate. Let it be precisely the landscape architects that have insights due to their specific education, set of skills and competencies, which they can use as a pilot in landscape projects or as a key figure in landscape-related development projects like no other.

Because of the holistic way in which the landscape architects can fathom, use and shape the horizontal and vertical relationships and interactions, both in an urban context and beyond, they acquire a position in the spatial and social debate. With the water, the soil, the horizon, the topography and the knowledge of plantations as appropriated and preferred tools, Landscape Architects distinguish themselves from other professions. They are able to connect the past, present and the future in a sustainable and poetic way, technically
strong and manageable in the long term.

Projects by and with landscape architects are surprising and refreshing: they contribute to the resilience of cities and municipalities, they connect and strengthen, and they provide liveable places inside and outside the city.

Places are limited, please register for the event

Programme and more details to follow shortly!

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