Online School Recognition Panel - Recognition of Landscape Architecture Programmes by IFLA Europe now possible via IFLA Europe website!

The aims of IFLA Europe EDUCATION COMMITTEE are:

  • to encourage the development of Landscape Architecture courses across Europe and review their compatibility with the aims of IFLA Europe
  • to promote common IFLA Europe/IFLA education guidelines to National Associations and European Universities/Schools teaching Landscape Architecture programmes
  • ensure solid Landscape Architecture education across Europe for effective professional practice
  • review and recognise higher Landscape Architecture educational programmes on behalf of IFLA Europe.

Recognition of Landscape Architecture programmes is a process in which the IFLA Europe School Recognition Panel, led by the IFLA Europe Vice President for Education, together with 11 members, Delegates and members of National Associations teaching and practicing Landscape Architecture, as well as members of ECLAS - European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools, review higher Landscape Architecture programmes Bachelor and Master’s degree.

In this process School Recognition Panel (SRP) verifies the teaching structure and the substance, completeness and effectiveness of the concerned Landscape Architecture programme.

For any request for recognition of a landscape architecture course/programme, the following procedure will be applied:

The application is prepared by the School that wishes to apply for recognition of landscape architecture programme in cooperation with the National Association which will support the application.

1. The University should:

- fill in the E4_IFLA Europe School Check List and provide
- Appendix 1 - Contents of the degree, curriculum of the individual modules/courses of the programme translated into English
- Appendix 2 - IFLA Europe template CVs of the staff who are teaching subjects related to the course to be recognised. This is very central in order to get the information about their professional status and degrees.

2. Once the E4 IFLA Europe Check-list is filled in and necessary appendices are provided, the School should contact the National Association, send all the required material and ask the National Association to support the application.

3. If a National Association considers that a landscape architecture programme should be sent to IFLA Europe for recognition, it should provide a letter of recommendation/support.

4. The School should then apply for IFLA Europe Recognition and send the application to IFLA Europe Vice President for Education ( and IFLA Europe Executive Secretary ( Delegate of relevant National Association should be copied in this request.

5. School Recognition Panel, led by Vice President for Education, will start the process of assessment in IFLA Europe School Recognition Panel.

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