Serbian Association of Landscape Architects (UPAS/SALA) launched its 10th International Landscape Architecture Exhibition

Serbian Association of Landscape Architects (UPAS/SALA) launched its 10th International Landscape Architecture Exhibition

It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that the Serbian Association of Landscape Architects (UPAS / SALA) launched its 10th International Landscape Architecture Exhibition, which will be held from 7th – 30th of June 2023 in the Gallery of Science and Technology of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade (Serbia).

We would like to draw attention to all interested professionals and students working in landscape architecture and related fields to consider participation at the 10th International Landscape Architecture Exhibition.

The deadline for application is extended to the 14th of April, 2023.

A retrospective review of the previous Exhibitions of Landscape Architecture: SALA LA Exhibitions Retrospective 2005-2019



  1. Implemented landscape architectural projects (parks, outdoor sports and recreation centers, promenades, piazzas and squares, pedestrian zones, cultural and park heritage sites, open spaces of residential blocks, institutions and other public buildings, picnic sites, touristic zones, road landscapes, cemeteries, botanical and zoos gardens, business gardens, residential gardens, roof gardens, park and garden architecture objects, design of mobile and outdoor equipment, land art of permanent – fixed form, etc.);
  2. Non-Implemented landscape architectural projects (unrealized designs, ideas and concepts, competition works, etc.);
  3. Plans of all categories (spatial, urban) that address landscape architecture issues, or integral parts of plans related to landscape architecture (nature protection, protection and promotion of cultural landscapes, recreational and tourist areas, development of open space network, green infrastructure, etc.);
  4. Studies and research in the field of landscape architecture;
  5. Publications (books, manuals, etc.) in the field of landscape architecture;
  6. Video works, art installations or multimedia related to the field of landscape architecture;
  7. Student projects

For participation at the 10th International Landscape Architecture Exhibition, projects can be submitted both by domestic and foreign authors, in two main categories :
All contributions from the mentioned categories which have been proposed or realized during the period from 2020 to 2023, can be submitted for the Exhibition, under the condition that they were not been presented at the previous Landscape Architecture Exhibitions organized by SALA.
Participants are free to submit one or more projects, each one submitted by a separate application.
An initial application is free of charge while the exhibition fee will be necessary only if submitted projects pass the selection process (please refer to the Selection of Projects for the Exhibition)

  • Professionals (individuals, groups, studios or organizations) dealing with landscape architecture topics;
  • Students (individuals or groups), dealing with landscape architecture topics.


Interested participants can submit their works by April 14th, 2023. The application should be submitted in electronic form to the Exhibition e-mail (up to 25MB).

In case that email quota of (25 Mb) is not sufficient for posters or video contributions transfer, we would advise the authors to use some of the file-sharing services or cloud computing, submitting by email the application form, illustration and data access link.

For all the works, on the given address, should be submitted the following:
Additional remarks
For category 5 – Publications, as well as for category 4 – Studies and research (in case the study is published), it is necessary to submit original printed publications (books, manuals, research publication, etc).
Delivery of printed material (publications/studies) is done by post in a sealed envelope, to the following postal address:

  1. Filled Application form, available in attachment, containing information about authors and a short description of the project (up to 1.000 characters) in English. The requested information will be later used for the Exhibition Catalogue. Application-Form-10th-International-LA-Exhibition-2023
  2. Exhibition Posters (B2 format) – author(s) ought to prepare posters in the dimension of 50 x 70 cm (or 70 x 50 cm) and submit them ready for printing in PDF format. Up to two posters for one project can be submitted, with the marked order (1 and 2). Each poster should include author names. Posters will be printed by the Organizer.
  3. Illustration for the Exhibition catalogue – digital images, scanned drawings and similar contribution that illustrate the submitted work in the best manner. For category 1 – Realized projects, authors are requested to include images of the site after the project competition. The material should be in JPG or TIFF format, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and in 10 x 10 cm print dimensions.

JP Srbijašume – Ms Andjelka Jevtović
(with the remark: Application for the 10th Landscape Architecture Exhibition)
Kneza Miloša Street No. 55
11000 Belgrade
Republic of Serbia

Note: The author bears the payment of shipping. Applications and materials contained in the envelope will NOT be returned.

For the works in category 6 – Video works, art installations or multimedia, the submitted video should be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes, in one of the standard video formats.
For category 7 – Student projects, students can apply only with the projects done within the scope of the teaching process during the last three school years (from 2020 to 2023). The posters should include mentor names, and additionally, students need to provide written recommendation from the mentor. The submission should also indicate the name of the educational institution, study program and course title and level, as well as the school year during which the project has been conducted.


The SALA International Landscape Architecture Exhibition uses two steps evaluation. The Exhibition Selection Committee will preselect the works, which will be presented at the Exhibition, according to the quality of works and the number of applications. Please note that the works which do not refer to the Exhibition propositions or the works which are not of sufficient quality, compared to other works, by the discretion of the Selection Committee will not be presented at the exhibition.

The Selection Committee will inform candidates, whose works are chosen to be exhibited, via e-mail, by the latest until 14th of April 2023. Selected projects will be presented at the Exhibition and published in the Exhibition Catalogue.


Exhibitors whose works are selected for the exhibition and catalogue are kindly asked to cover the exhibition fee, by the latest until 5th of May 2023, in the following amounts:
The exhibition fee should be paid for each, separate project or work, in case the authors send more than one project. Instructions for payment will be given to the author(s) of the selected works, after the report of the Selection Committee. All participants whose work is exhibited will receive their copy of the Catalogue at the venue during the exhibition or they will be sent by post.
The 10th International Landscape Architecture Exhibition is of a competitive character and takes pride in awarding the best works.
The International Jury will evaluate the selected projects of all of the mentioned categories and may give the following award and acknowledgements:

  • Professionals – 150 Euros
  • Students — 50 Euros


Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is given to the project which is of outstanding quality, within the following categories: Implemented Landscape architectural projects, Plans of all categories and Studies and research.

The main award of the 10th International Landscape Architecture Exhibition – the Grand Prix, may be given to the project which is of outstanding quality, within the following categories: Implemented landscape architectural projects, Plans of all categories and Studies and research.

Recognitions by types of works (plaques):
Special Jury recognition

  • Acknowledgements in the category Implemented Landscape Architectural Project
  • Acknowledgements in the category Non-Implemented Landscape Architectural Project
  • Acknowledgements in the category of Plans
  • Acknowledgements in the Study and Research category
  • Acknowledgements in the category of Publications
  • Acknowledgements in the category Video works, art installations or multimedia

The jury may grant Special recognition to the projects that stand out for some of their distinctive qualities to any of the 7 designated categories

The Jury has the right to deny the Grand Prix or any of the acknowledgements if there is an opinion that contributions are not satisfying quality criteria. In addition, the jury has the right to award more than one acknowledgement, in the listed categories.
Besides the Grand opening of the 10th International Landscape Architecture Exhibition followed by the award ceremony, SALA is planning the organization of series of accompanying events, such as the presentation of the winning projects, lectures, round tables and other activities. The information on those activities will be subsequently announced.
For additional information about the Exhibition, please feel free to contact organizers by following mails



Submission of the applications 1st of March – 14th of April 2023
Work of the Selection Committee until 25th of April 2023
Response of the Selection Committee to the selected candidates 27th of April 2023
Registration fee payment deadline until 5th of May 2023
Work of exhibition Jury 26th of April – 7th of May 2023
Jury report 7th of May 2023
Gallery will be opened to visitors from Wednesday, June 7th, 2023
Grand opening of the 10th Exhibition with the award ceremony Friday, June 9th, 2023
Closing of the exhibition Friday, June 30th, 2023

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