Sixth edition of Landscape Architecture Europe book

Sixth edition of Landscape Architecture Europe book

This sixth edition in the Landscape Architecture Europe series (LAE #6) presents and reflects on 63 contemporary projects from all over Europe. They demonstrate the ability of landscape architects to come up with convincing conceptual and physical answers to burning questions – by responding sensitively to sites and their various life forms, and by translating abstract sustainability ideas into spatial solutions.

This richly illustrated book offers food for thought on – and a second glance at – four landscape architectural ambitions: to counter the climate crisis and other challenges, to develop the long-standing European tradition of public space, to enhance people’s empathy for their social and natural lifeworlds, and to conceive just and healthy urban futures.

‘It expresses the energy and the perspectives that our profession and practice can ‘put the show on the road’. The positive energy and the power to connect people in the
landscapes presented in the book are very much wanted in these times of destruction and violence’
Jandirk Hoekstra, president of the jury

The aim of LAE is to highlight and comment on contemporary European landscape architectural practice and theory, present a selection of projects and results every three years in a book, and nourish the debate on tendencies and underlying mindsets. In 2012 the third edition of LAE, ‘In Touch’, received the DAM Architectural Book Award, as one of the best architectural books of that year. LAE is produced with Blauwdruk Publishers in collaboration with IFLA-Europe.

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