Spoorpark Tilburg with Landscape Contractor Brouwers Groenaannemers, VHG member in the Netherlands, win the ELCA Green Award 2021!

Spoorpark Tilburg with Landscape Contractor Brouwers Groenaannemers, VHG member in the Netherlands, win the ELCA Green Award 2021!

The Green Park competition 2021

The ELCA Green Award is a competition to promote living green by and with landscape contractors. Develop an ever-growing platform with and between the companies of the ELCA Committee of Firms.

With the ELCA Green Award competition a new ‘green’ topic is offered every 2 years, such as: The Green Park - The Green Garden - The Green Industrial Estate - The Green Building - The Green Public Area – The Green Playground - The Green Roof Garden - The Green Schoolyard - The Green Hospital – The Green Commercial Area - The Green Office Building.

The participating projects, realised by landscape contractors, entered into the competition by the ELCA member associations; EU and International, with 1 project per country. Voting was done by Committee of Firms members, the landscape contractors. The CoF members could vote electronically on the website where the competition works were presented with short texts and several photographs. The order of the parks in which they were displayed on the website was constantly changing so that no park is favoured during the voting. The park that received the most votes is the winner of the ELCA Green Award.

The ELCA Green Award is presented to the VHG President, the association that introduced the winning project, at the ceremony of the ELCA Green Award for The Green Park competition 2021. The announcement of the results in collaboration with UNEP – France takes place at the professional fair PAYSALIA 2021 dd 1 December 2021.
The association VHG, together with ELCA, will organize a ELCA Green Award activity in the winning park to hand over the Award to the Landscape Contractor. Event to ensure national and regional involvement with all parties working on the project and the public who really enjoy the park.

Project presentation
In the city centre of Tilburg (The Netherlands) there has been a complete new parc realized of nearly 10 hectares. On this location there used to be an industrial area. Now it is transformed to a green hotspot. The challenge of this project was to combine all wishes of civilian initiatives in a robust structure of a parc that can last at least a 100 years. The framework consists a rich flower structure along the railway side, lanes of maple trees, special water elements in two streams, a pond and a natural birch forest. The parc opens at the east side with a big square and many facilities. At the west side the parc is more intimate. Within this framework there are lanes to lounge and relax, but also places where children can play in the nature. The wishes for catering facilities within a perennial garden, urban sports accommodation, scouting and city camping were also included.

Spoorpark Tilburg
Place: Tilburg (The Netherlands)
Address: City centre of Tilburg
Owner: Municipality of Tilburg, Spoorpark Foundation
Landscape Architect: KruitKok Landschapsarchitecten
Landscape Contractor: Brouwers Groenaannemers
Year of project start-up: 2018 realisation (design was made in 2016-2017)
Year of the last executed works: 2020
Duration of the last works: it is a new city parc
Website or virtual access: www.spoorparktilburg.nl

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