“The Healing Force of Landscape” - Online Seminar on Green & Healthy Destinations in Europe

“The Healing Force of Landscape” - Online Seminar on Green & Healthy Destinations in Europe

Green Destinations and Nature For Health are organising an international online seminar, titled Green Healthy Destinations - the healing force of landscapes, from 14.00 - 16.30 CEST (UTC+2) on 29 April 2021. This seminar is part of the Healing Landscape Day 2021 in the Van Gogh National Park in The Netherlands.

One of the goals is to explore and develop an European learning network of green and healthy destinations as well as learn and exchange ideas from one another. We believe with the mission of protecting quality natural landscapes to promote health and well-being, your network would be of great interest to participate. On behalf of Green Destinations and Nature For Health, we encourage you and appreciate it if you will circulate the seminar within your networks, please follow this link to acquire the press release.

On the occasion of Healing Landscape Day of the Dutch Landscape Triennale 2021 on 29th April 2021,the international seminar “Green Destinations - Healthy Destinations – the healing force of landscapes”will be organized, highlighting examples of ‘healing landscapes’ in Europe. The goal is to define and connect the “green & healthy landscapes” in Europe, to get a better picture and learn from each other.The three pillars of this online seminar are healthcare, natural landscapes and tourism recovery.

The corona crisis presents profound consequences to healthcare as well as to leisure & tourism, both in the short and long term. Health and green quality increasingly influence the choices we make. Since more and more regions wish to distinguish themselves as “healthy” and as “healing landscapes, speakers from across Europe will share their insights on the value of healing landscapes, as well as their successful experiences portraying a region in a green and healthy image where nature, well-being and recreation can intertwine.Van Gogh Nationaal Park in Brabant is currently developing ideas to position itself as a healing landscape of international allure and would be glad to share thoughts and views with you. Several regions in Europe profile or distinguish themselves with a mix of attractive and impressive landscapes, spas and other places of relaxation. ‘GesundL and Vulkaneifel’ in Germany and the London National Park City will present their good practice in promoting a destination as a so-called ‘therapeutic landscape’.

The event will be held online on April 29th 2021 at 2PM CEST (UTC +2) is organised by Nature For Health, Green Destinations, Provincie Noord-Brabant, Van Gogh Nationaal Park, under the auspices of the Council of Europe, Visit Brabant, Wageningen University & Research and Landschapstriënnale.

can read more about the seminar programme by clicking on Green
Healthy Destinations, and we are looking forward to welcoming you!

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