UCTEA - Turkish Landscape Architects Chamber celebrates APRIL MONTH OF WORLD LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE!

UCTEA - Turkish Landscape Architects Chamber celebrates APRIL MONTH OF WORLD LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE!

April is celebrated worldwide as ′′ World Landscape Architecture Month ′′ (WLAM). People and communities around the world have deep and long-term personal bonds with landscape architects, whether they know it or not. During the World Landscape Architecture Month, landscape architects around the world aim to show these bonds by attracting attention to areas designed by landscape architects.

During April, we want to emphasize how Landscape Architects create, inspire and facilitate people to grow with each other and with nature. In their journey under the slogan ′′ We Are There Where You Live” TMMOB Landscape Architects Chamber set the theme for World Landscape Architects Month throughout April ′′ We Grow Together”!

- As seen in the general issue we have recently solved, ′′ We Grow Together ′′ to reveal our strength about both our professional recognition and our professional rights.

- ′′ We Grow Together ′′ to protect the environment we live in and increase our natural spaces.
- ′′ We Grow Together ′′ to create habitable cities with landscaping projects and applications.
- ′′ We Grow Together ′′ to reduce the effects of carbon release and global climate change.
- ′′ We Grow Together ′′ for preservation and responsible use of our usable water resources.
- ′′ We Grow Together ′′ for preservation and repair of our natural, cultural and historical areas.
- ′′ We Grow Together ′′ for access to safe food.
- ′′ We Grow Together ′′ to increase light and green areas at risk of natural disasters.
- ′′ We Grow Together ′′ for a sustainable future.
- ′′ We Grow Together ′′ to create blue-green infrastructures.

UCTEA invites all dear colleagues and dear students to share your landscape architecture projects and applications that you have prepared by adding ecological and aesthetic values using the sticker prepared by our Chamber in social media meetings such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

In addition, during April, we will create a chain of video events that will create an important awareness about the recognition of our profession in public by publishing the videos of landscape architecture departments that provide academic education in our country.

Happy ′′ WORLD LANDSCAPE ARTICLE MONTH ′′ to all our colleagues around the world…

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