UNDP Nature for Life Hub 2022 – Invitation to Participate

UNDP Nature for Life Hub 2022 – Invitation to Participate

For the past three years, UNDP has been working with partners to raise awareness and mobilize global action on nature. Attached with this packet is a summary of last year’s successes, along with a list of speakers from 2020 and 2021.

This year, UNDP plans again to run the Nature for Life Hub.

The three overarching themes for this year are:
• PLANETARY SAFETY NET – Taking action on nature as a planetary safety net for humanity
• NEW ECONOMY: Transforming financial and economic systems to create a new economy for the future that accounts for nature’s values
• NATURE-BASED SOLUTIONS: Harnessing the power of nature-based solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

The Nature for Life Hub offers a virtual venue for a wide range of events, as part of a three-day program. Hub organizers will work with you – nature champions, mobilizers, leaders, dreamers, and doers – to inspire and engage global audiences. These events provide content that is broadcast live through the official virtual platform, as well as providing compelling assets for sharing on social media assets. Over a two-year period, UNDP reached more than 750 million social media impressions, and hope to continue building on this success.

This year UNDP are offering even more opportunities for organizations to provide content, with more than a dozen different types of events. We are also creating ‘virtual-live’ space for you to interact with others. If your organization is interested in participating in this year’s Nature for Life Hub, please complete the online Expression of Interest Form here no later than May 20th

UNDP anticipates a deadline of July 31st for submitting all content.

The UNDP Nature for Life Organizing Team: Jamison Ervin, Eva Gurria, Viktoriia Brezheniuk, Joseph Conway, Patrick
Fernandez, Marion Marigo, Daniel Perez, Marjorie Tolsdorf

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