University of Évora in Portugal issues TERRÆ·FORMÆ!

University of Évora in Portugal issues TERRÆ·FORMÆ!

TERRÆ·FORMÆ is an online magazine made by the students of the Landscape Architecture MA of the University of Évora in Portugal as the final exercise of Visual Studies in 2021/22.

This bilingual publication — in Portuguese and in French — has the Large Scale as its main and transversal theme. But also the many ways it can assume — whether it is the (non) problematic of the implementation of buildings in monumental landscapes, the evolution and intervention on post-industrial complexes or extensive urban areas, and the central role that its conversion into green spaces assumes in the city where they are located. The works and issues of landscape — mainly located in
Portugal, but in France and Brazil — that have impacted the students and draw attention to exemplary and inspiring works, but also to situations where the space is waiting for intervention in a way it makes you imagine possible futures. We live in a time when landscapes and the intricate way they affect the human and non-human life are increasingly under discussion.

The authors are Adriana Grifo, André Amado Paulo, António Ribeiro Castro, Joana Morganheira, João Junqueira, Leonor Almeida,Mathilde Desserez, Rita Rebelo, Tarsila Sena, and Prof. Susana Mendes Silva as supervisor.

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