Wesserling Park - Call for applications - Garden Festival 2021!

Wesserling Park - Call for applications - Garden Festival 2021!

Listed as a “Historic Monument” (Monument Historique) and recognised as a “Remarkable Garden” (Jardin Remarquable) in 2005, Wesserling Park is testimony to an extraordinary textile adventure in a valley of the River Thur in the Upper Vosges.

This unique site is a former “Royal Textile Printing Factory” with an incredible number of preserved buildings linked to the textile industry. The gardens have been landscaped ever since the site was first managed and the château was built. They were originally created as ornamental gardens for the enjoyment of captains of industry, bearing witness to the landscaping conventions of the various centuries. Later they were steadily turned into vegetable gardens for workers, and then abandoned, before being gradually restored.

Each year for almost 18 years, designers, visual artists and landscapists have brought life to these gardens, producing temporary creations which surprise, question and enchant summer visitors.Over the past two springs, professional and amateur photographers have opened our eyes to the world with their emotionally charged photos.For this new season, we would like to offer a triple view of the site through: - a spring photo exhibition, - plastic installations ready at the opening, - and the perpetuation of our Festival des Jardins Métissés (mixed gardens Festival) during the whole summer period.

Once again this year, you are offered a new theme. It again focuses on highlighting the site’s values, between respect for the past and innovation, putting the emphasis on heritage and offering interactive games for our visitors, new artistic creations and sustainable development.Whether you are a landscape designer, a plastic artist or a photographer, embark on a journey through yesterday’s and today’s Egypt. Alongside Lord Evandale and in the footsteps of Tahoser, characters in Théophile Gautier’s novel, let the Nile sweep you along, in Egyptian palaces and into the depths of a well-guarded tomb.

These are divided into three parts:

- a photographic exhibition open to professional and amateur photographers whose photographs will be displayed side by side in the gardens,

- plastic installations in place ready for the opening, allowing artists and craftsmen to express their know-how,

- the perpetuation of the Festival des Jardins Métissés (Mixed Gardens Festival), which gives landscapers and gardeners the opportunity to make us dream, thanks to their immersive and playful projects.

For full information please visit 2021 Parc Wesserling Manifestations_EN.pdf

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